1915 Maxwell Ignition question

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1915 Maxwell Ignition question

Post by GasWorksGarage » Wed Jul 29, 2020 1:10 pm

On our 1915 Maxwell, we are not getting spark to the plugs. Coming of the ignition switch we have 6.4 volts going into what I assume is a relay.
We have 6.4 volts coming out of it going to the magneto. On the magneto are 3 wires The hot going in and right across a wire coming out and
on a pivoting arm a wire. On the one coming out if I jiggle the timer I get up to 3 volts on that wire on the pivoting arm wire I get .04 volts constant.

I have also attach pictures as well as pictures of the switch and wiring diagram on back of switch.

On the diagram the terminal unmarked I am not sure where the wire goes. To be honest I am not sure where the other 2 wires on the magneto run too? Any insight is appreciated.

wiring on back of switch.jpg
ignition switch.jpg
back of mag.gif

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