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Outlet water manifold for 22 HP 4 cyl. 1910 Maxwell

Click photo to enlarge

Wanted, outlet water manifold for 4 cyl. 1910 Maxwell Model Q3. or pattern to cast one

   Witta, QLD, Australia,
Looking for a Buick Model 16 roadster. Or, surrey.

Driveable, correct older or recent restoration, ideally original and complete.

Newly retired, I intend to drive, enjoy and maintain it.

Thank you

   Clinton Corners, New York, NY,
Looking for 2 White tires for running board spares

Click photo for MORE Photos

Would like to find 2 reasonable tires to use as spares for show

Size is 34 x 4

I am located in Ontario, Canada but I have a U.S.A. shipping address to make things easier for my American friends

Thanks for your help

   Mississauga, Ontario, CA,
Massachusetts Antique or Antique Auto License Plates

Click photo to enlarge

Wanted --- Massachusetts Antique or Antique Auto License Plates #s 1-100, 1951-current

I need the following #s to complete my 1-100 collection

  • 77
  • 81
  • 83
  • 86
  • 91

I will also buy any 1 or 2 digit 1951 Antique Auto plates

   Wilmington, MA,
Bridgeport Specialty Company low tension magneto

Click photo for MORE Photos

Looking for a Bridgeport Specialty Company "Lotens Magneto"

Used on Locomobile autos circa 1908-1910 with make and break ignition system

Approx. 11-12 inches long with 3 double magnets

Any help appreciated in locating one of these! Looking for any Locomobile make and break parts

   Lakeside, California,,
Looking to purchase an Atwood brass bale handled sidelight with Buick script top

I have one for the left side so it needs a right side mate

It has a "bullet" style back and a copper door

If you have one please let me know and I will purchase yours or sell mine. I`m sure there is a Buick owner who would like to have a matching pair

   Loveland, CO,
Wanted to Buy ... Buick Oil Site Gauge

Click photo to enlarge

I am looking for / want to buy a Buick Oil Site Gauge

Found on

   Bloomfield Hills, Mi,
Grease / Oil Cups

Click photo for MORE Photos

We are looking for this style grease/oil cup

How many do you have?

Can use one or ten

   providence, Rhode Island,
Looking for any historic pictures of the J.O. Howe horseless carriage, which was built in Bloomington, IN, in 1895

Any leads about where historic photos might be found would be appreciated

   Bloomington, IN,
Early 1900s Battery Charger Made by General Electric

Click photo for MORE Photos

I am looking for the "Battery Charger" Or By Its Product Name, "The General Electric Mercury Arc Rectifier". This unit is approximately 4 1/2 feet tall and 18 inches wide. It will have a large glass tube on the rear most likely with, Mercury in it. The units were made from the late 1800s to about 1912.I am preserving(one of 2 known),a 1901 Columbia Victoria bodied Electric Cars and need this charger to Display with the car. I will take full responsibility of picking up the unit. I also will reward, as a finders fee for information leading to the purchase. Thank you for your help

Found in 48 hours on

1910 Flanders Brass Carburetor Wanted

Click photo to enlarge

1910 Flanders brass carburetor needed Must be for engine for two-speed model (1910 and early 1911) Also need water pump and Splitdorf Model F magneto
   Cumberland, Ontario, Canada,
Franklin early tubular front axle 1906-1910? Any condition, even only usable for parts/patterns. Also, interested in any early Franklin parts, regardless of condition, Please inquire! - Don
   Holland MI,
Looking for parts for a Remy type "T" magneto. What have you got?
   Pendleton OR,
Looking for a set of four Champion C-97B Spark plugs in good useable condition.
   Langley BC CA,
I need 4 usable 26 inch wheels and rims for a 1918 Buick model E-6-49. Also need air pump for my 1915 Cadillac type 51. Please email, text, or call. Thank you for your help.
Contact: Steven Martin
   Valley Center CA,
Need left side cylinder jug for 1910-11 Buick Model 14. Casting number on ours is S-21, casting number on block is 14-B-461
   Milford NJ,
Solar 726 right bale sidelamp. E&J 466 Ford headlamp. E&J 666 Ford headlamp. Old Sol headlamp. Ct Ham Comet right. Corcoran 3-tier bale left. E&J 2-tier right sidelamp w/flare rim.
IHC script lights
   Northbrook IL,
Wanted Continental engine, model C2, 4 1/8" bore. Used in many early (c 1919) cars and trucks.

   Vallejo CA,
Need a crankcase used on 1912-13 Buick Model 28, 39, 30 and 31. Will buy a bare case or complete engine or anything in between.
   Farmington Hills MI,
Wanted : Mercer parts
   Gold Coast Queensland,
Looking for good unrestored brass Rushmore headlights in size 9 3/4inch and 10 3/4inch measurements across door rim. OR looking for new spinnings for doors, jambs, doors
   Loveland CO,
How do I wire a Splitdorf Magneto with impulse start correctly, For a 4 cylinder car 1902. Wish to do away with all original ignition. Any help would appreciated .
   Harrogate England,
Looking for a 1910 license plate, prefer Wisconsin will consider Kansas. Restored or as found.
   Wausau WI,
Restored or good restorable pair. No parts missing please.
   Cumberland Ontario CA,
Wanted to buy WWI Era Maxwell Red White & Blue shield shaped radiator emblem in any condition. Have a perfectly restored 1924 Chrysler Six emblem to offer in trade if desired.
   Byron Georgia,
Wanted for model 10 Buick a Remy Mag and hopefully Coil Box with switch also required a Marvel Carburettor for 1908 Buick. Anything considered

Found in a WEEK on

   Taghmon IR,
I`m needing a ring & pinion gear set & drive shaft for a Weston Mott differential in a 1910 Buick model 17.
   Littleton Colorado,
1929 or earlier , 1 ton or larger, prefer non Ford / Chev, want complete truck. Running/driving a plus , ALL considered. Not looking for restored, original"patina" preferred. 1 ton+ load will be placed on truck when displayed. Can pick up in person. Cash or Possible hit/ miss engine trade. Thanks
   Linton Indiana,
Wanted fenders for 1909 Brush
   Fort Worth TX,
Need title for Model A Ford 1931(if possible)
   Pittsgrove NJ,
Looking to find a 1903 to 1905 Dormandy. Rare, 4 cars built, in Troy N.Y., by Garry J. Dormandy and the United Shirt and Collar Company. Three were owned by James Knox Polk Pine, Troy N.Y., and one owned by the builder, until approx. 1920. Any information would be appreciated.
   Danville CA,
Engine parts needed Water pump, fan, intake manifold, any part needed also roadster top bows thanks ED
   St Petersburg Fl,
Looking for an excellent Gray and Davis bale handle side lamp. Just need for the left side. Thank you.
   Amherst Ohio,
Looking for a 1907 M Cadillac Straight side Touring body (front seat and back seat) or detailed plans, measurements, sketch. Also need the metal portion of the firewall for same car. Trying to move my project forward with your assistance. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
   Melbourne FL,
i am looking for a Eisemann three magnet mag right hand rotation. also need jones speedo-odo no 15 60 mph, or warner auto meter 60 mph, or stewart speedo- odo no 4 60 mph. interested in any condition.
   Bonita CA,
1. Gray & Davis carbide horizontal double tube generator. Model F?
2. E&J bullet side lights and bullet tail light.
3. Lea brass 2 cylinder horizontal hand crank tire
4. Pump.Circa 1906.
5. 1911 Chalmers Roadster Model 30 ad/literature.
6. Glidden Trophy dash plaque
   Locust Grove GA,
Looking for a discarded or abandoned project car mostly there
What have you. Best price paid
   Angus Ontario Ca,
I`m looking for a restored, trouble free, interesting car with a long term ownership. Must be orig. body and parts, can be all orig. with mechanics restored, price is no object, but it must be a fair price for seller. Thank you
   Santa Cruz CA,