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Anyone need Pierce-Arrow or Locomobile Data tags?

Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2004 8:38 pm
by alsfarms
I have a need for one each of the above listed tags and have a decent pattern to copy. I am also making up early GM diesel (Detroit Diesel) engine brass ID tags and also a WW2 Navy equipment ID tag. If you or any of your buddies need any of these tags, now is the time to hold up your hand and get in touch with me. The more people that need these tags the less the cost will be. I can provide you a better detailed description of the patterns I have available should you be interested. I am also trying to start up a project to cast up a run of cast aluminum seat buckets for early cars. Pierce-Arrow and several other makes used cast aluminum. If you have an interest or a need for any of these items, drop me a note.