Fellow Hobbyist is Burglarized

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Fellow Hobbyist is Burglarized

Post by hcca » Mon Jan 08, 2007 11:06 am

One of our fellow HCCA members & past National President, Garyl Turley’s, car barn was burglarized this past week. They took his red open trailer which was loaded with swap meet parts that he had down at Chickasha last fall.

There was an unrestored complete 1916 Model T engine, a power glide transmission, and an early rear & front end off of ??? among other things on the trailer. They took a considerable amount of brass. Included were a newly restored sets of Solar No. 41 and Solar 41A sidelights. One set had magnifier lenses. A repo set of brass E & J side & taillights for his 1912 Model T Torpedo; the tail light off of his 1909 2-cylinder REO; ALL his inventory of repo Vintique motometers, radiator caps, mirrors, hubcaps, etc. that he took to swap meets (4 large blue plastic storage boxes); all the brass (manganese bronze) castings he had such as Neverout taillight brackets, castings for early 1 cylinder Cadillac and 1 & 2 cylinder REO's (pedals, seat brackets, body irons for the top, etc.), and early Model T's (1912 rear fender irons, rear frame cast brackets). Most of the unrestored lights that came from the Wigglesworth collection are gone (approx. 3 dozen lights - 1920's on back). Plus his modern tools, 2 air compressors, and paint guns.

If you see or hear of anything such as this "surfacing", please call Garyl or Linda at (316) 832-0994.

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