Overland Model 83

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Steve Bemount
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Overland Model 83

Post by Steve Bemount » Wed Mar 21, 2007 4:16 pm

A friend owns an unrestored Overland Model 83. The Overland Registry lists the Model 83 as a 1916 even though the model was introduced July 1, 1915 and has the 1915 style "jughead" style engine. The Model 83 appears to have evolved into the Model 83B effective January 1, 1916. The Registry notes that the 83 and 83B together share consecutive serial numbers running from 1 to 102,840, but they do not know at what number the 83 became the 83B.

I note from various internet sites that some enthusiasts consider their Model 83 to be a 1915. Does HCCA recognize the Model 83 Overland with the "jughead" style engine since it was manufactured prior to January 1, 1916? Is it appropriate to register the Model 83 with the "jughead" style engine as a 1915 or as a 1916?

Many thanks, Steve

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Re: Overland Model 83

Post by MochetVelo » Fri Feb 22, 2019 6:35 pm

I thought I'd reply to your post. It's only been 12 years. The Model 83 Overland was introduced in June, 1915 to coincide with Panama Pacific Exposition in San Francisco, so a number of these cars were made in '15. The 2018/2019 HCCA Directory lists 3, 1915 Model 83 touring cars and only one 1916 Model 83. There is also an 83T and an 83B listed as 1915 cars and two Model 83's listed as 1916.

The bottom line seems to be that at least some of the Model 83 cars were manufactured in 1915. As further proof, I have seen several Overland postcards like the one copied below, that are postmarked 1915. They were given to Overland buyers to publicize their newly-purchased Model 83 cars.

As to the serial numbers, maybe some has the answer.

Overland 83 PC1.jpg
Overland 83 PC2.jpg

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