Jiffy side curtains

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Jiffy side curtains

Post by nickelroadster » Thu Nov 08, 2007 7:52 pm

I have a 1915 Oldsmobile that originally came from the factory with Jiffy side curtains. I know gnerally what they look like but am a little hazy on the mounting details and the kind of hardware that was used . I would appreciate any information, pictures or location of pictures that any one could provide. Thanx. :?

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Jiffy Curtains

Post by wacohen » Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:27 pm

My 1914 Hudson was originally fitted with Jiffy Curtains, so I did a little research. There are wire cables anchored at the front bow, running along both sides (above the lower edge of the top sides), and tied tgether with a small (1/2" dia x 4" long) coil spring at the rear. The cable is held to the top bows / sockets with J-shaped clips.
When not in use, the side curtains fold-up like an accordian and fit into bags that attach to the back two bows with common sense fasteners. They are always strung onto the cable.
To install the Jiffy Curtain you release the bags from the storage position, remove the bags, spread the curtains out along the cable, removing and then replacing the cable from the J hooks to allow the curtains to slide alond the cable from the rear to the front.
There are common sense fasteners and some lift-the-dot fasteners near the door tops, etc. for securing the bottoms of the curtains.
I hopr this makes sense.

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