Model T Police Car in 2012!

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Model T Police Car in 2012!

Post by oldcarfudd » Tue Jul 24, 2012 6:23 pm

Following the 75th Anniversary tour, my wife and I spent a week at a dude ranch in southern Colorado with several of our kids, their spouses, and our grandkids. We took our ’13 Model T runabout in the trailer, and gave many rides and driving lessons to our family, other ranch guests, and ranch staff.

One evening after dinner, I gave my son-in-law, Andy Frizzell, a driving lesson. He was driving the T along a washboard dirt road, and at a suitable spot he did a U-turn to head back to the ranch. Along came a Conejos County sheriff’s deputy, who was curious about an ancient contraption with New Jersey historic plates rattling around the back roads of his turf. He asked a bunch of questions, which soon morphed from questions about us into questions about the car and how it worked. I asked if he’d like a demo ride, and he said: “Sure!” So he got out of his patrol car, leaving it in Andy’s care with the windows down and the keys inside. He climbed in next to me, and off we chugged while I showed him how to drive it. After a while I turned it around, pulled over, and asked: “Wanna try it?” He said: “Sure!” We swapped seats and, wearing his uniform and his badge and his gun, he drove my T back to where we had left his car. For about 4-1/2 minutes in 2012 my 99-year-old relic was a Conejos County, Colorado sheriff’s vehicle. At least we didn’t have to chase any speeders!

Andy and I drove back to the ranch giggling like a pair of schoolgirls. Andy thought, and I agreed, that he had shown remarkable restraint in not asking to be allowed to drive the cop car in return; he would have asked which button worked the siren. Best not to push our luck. The sheriff took my address and promised to send me a sheriff’s arm band. If he follows through, I’ll find a conspicuous place to mount it on the car, in honor of its brief moment of fame.

Does anyone else have a story like this? C’mon, guys, fess up!

Gil Fitzhugh the Elder

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