identify early rear wheels,

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identify early rear wheels,

Post by jgoedeken » Sat Dec 22, 2012 7:12 am

I'm an early Ford T guy. I came across this set of rear wheels identified as T but they are not. They are round felloe, really more square with well rounded edges. 2 1/2 wide clincher rim, od of rim is 23", thus are probably 28X3. 5 inch od flange on center hub, 6 - 5/16
bolts 4 inch center to center hold the flange. The hub takes a 1 inch keyed axle, cross pinned on the outer end with a 5/16-3/8 pin. The outer end of the hub is fine threaded for a hub cap 1 3/4 diameter. There is no brake drum. The inside hub has a cup 2 1/16 ID,3/4"deep, extending 1 3/16 inch medially from the surface of the inside flange. The original color appears to be red. The spokes are elliptical and get very slender near the hub. :) Do any of you early car guys know what these go to?? Thank you for your consideration.
John Goedeken The outside diameter of the wheel, to outer edge of rim is 23 inches. The center hub flange is 5 inches outside diameter. I think early Ford, A, NRS, was 5 1/2??? The spokes become very narrow side to side near the hub. I have pictures if there is a way to attach them. I am thinking they would go to an early chain driven center of rear axle gear car since there is no provision for brake hubs. thanks John
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Post by FullerMetz » Sun Dec 23, 2012 1:08 am

Is the 23 inch point at the top or bottom of the clincher? Top of both clinchers would be a little less than 23 inches for a 28X3. 23 inches at the bottom of both clinchers could be a 30X3 1/2.
A hub held by a pin onto a straight, keyed axle could be a 1909 T rear wheel. Red was an original color in 1909 and both '09 & '10 had smaller hub flanges than everything model T that came after.
I don't quite follow your description of the rest of the inner hub?
Photos might help? I don't know how to post them here, but some have been lately. If they are not T, photos are the best way to go because there are so many possibilities.
Good luck!
Drive carefully, and do enjoy the holidays!

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