"Hot Tube Rally" Videos Pre-1900 Cars

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"Hot Tube Rally" Videos Pre-1900 Cars

Post by MochetVelo » Sun Feb 03, 2013 6:45 am

Here are some short videos of the "Hot Tube Rally" in Belgium, September 2012. The pre -spark plug days produced ignition with a red-hot platinum rod set into the cylinder. Timing was not very controllable, but it did work!

You can see photos and read more in this interesting blog:




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Re: "Hot Tube Rally" Videos Pre-1900 Cars

Post by oldcarfudd » Sun Mar 17, 2013 11:44 am

This is a fascinating set of videos of cars of an age we never see on the road here. If anyone has something really primitive that runs reasonably dependably and would like to tour in it, here's an early alert. The joint AACA/HCCA Reliability tour is going to be run in Lancaster, PA in the summer of 2014. Cheryl Vaughan is the tour director. I have approached her about having a "tour within a tour" for pre-'16 cars with one or more of: A) One cylinder (or fewer - electrics are welcome); B) Solid tires (to encourage the highwheelers); and C) tiller steering. Extra credit if you have hot-tube ignition! We'd use the same host hotel (which has a back road access), the same breakfast arrangements, hospitality room, banquets, and evening activities as the main (big pre-'16 car) tour. But the routes would be much shorter to reflect the limited capabilities of these cars. Yeah, they're slow - but we'd be in Amish country, where the horses and buggies are even slower, and where most modern-car drivers are used to sharing roads with very slow traffic. And there are lots of covered bridges and interesting destinations close by.

So far, this is in the pipe dream stage. Later this summer I'll be meeting with Cheryl and her committee to try to move it along. If you think there's a reasonable chance you might come on such a tour, please respond here. And if you have any thoughts (preferably positive ones, but even if you think this is the dumbest idea since unsliced bread!) let's hear them here.

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