Dayton Wire Wheel Wrench

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Dayton Wire Wheel Wrench

Post by jimlb50 » Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:14 pm

I recently purchased a Wire wheel wrench on the recommendation of a Friend. I was hoping someone out there might know what wheels on which Autos might use a wrench with such a large Hex.
The cast Iron wrench is 15.875 in. long and 3.5 in. flat to flat on hex opening, embossed on one side Dayton Wire Wheel Co. Dayton,O. The other side No. 30932. I'm assuming it would be a large Auto,
Dayton Wrench No. 30932.jpg
Dayton Wire Wheel Wrench 15.875 3.5 across flats.jpg

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Re: Dayton Wire Wheel Wrench

Post by alsfarms » Thu Oct 06, 2016 2:13 pm

Hello, The wrench you have will likely remove the wire wheels from a mid to late 20's Marmon and probably the Auburn of the same time frame. The Dayton wheel was a pretty wheel but not really the best design. I suggest that you go to the Marmon club on line or the AACA Marmon forum should you choose to sell your wrench. :)

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Re: Dayton Wire Wheel Wrench

Post by Chappuis » Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:38 pm

Marmon to a club where you will find the right answer.


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