Early Starter Question from Nov-Dec 2016 Gazette

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Early Starter Question from Nov-Dec 2016 Gazette

Post by alsfarms » Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:46 pm

I presume that you have all received your current issue (Nov-Dec 2016) of the wonderful HCCA publication, the Gazette? I did a quick scan to look at the points of interest for my likes. This issue has lots of great information, plenty of Cadillac pictures, information on replicating parts and finally a treatise on the development of early starters for our automobiles. I am now to my question and hope to receive responses from those of you that may have information to share. If you will look on page 26 of the current Gazette, you will see a square "Gray and Davis" style starter arrangement that is set up with a manual engagement and gear reduction. Does anyone, reading here, have such a starter arrangement in a car, truck or piece of equipment? I have the starter motor for this type of set-up but would like to chat with someone on how the gear reduction drive gear is supported and held in alignment with the starter and then be adjustable to properly mesh with the flywheel ring gear. I would like to try my hand at building up the pieces needed to make this gear reduction unit work on an early engine. I could "home-brew" engineer it to work but it would be nice to have a picture and potentially some dimensions to complete the fabrication. If you have even noted one of these and can refer me accordingly, that would be good information also. Attached will be a few of pictures of the starter.

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Re: Early Starter Question from Nov-Dec 2016 Gazette

Post by oldcarguy615 » Sun Dec 18, 2016 2:45 pm

I have a lot of electrical books from that period, covering the diagnosis and repair, some were technical shop repairman books and some were training; students or correspondence students how to be a repairman.

I have a Standard Electrician's Manual with the wiring diagrams, every year, all makes from 1913-1936 skipping some years into the 50's..... It has some listed by component manufacturer, since a lot of car companies and mechanics use what they could find or worked. A National Service book... Same.

I don't know if they will show the mechanical s on them or just call for replacement of the part #'s if they are perceived as bad.
( kind of like: the difference between Motor's manual and Hastings).

As far a winding's (if you needed them to be done), there is a local electrical shop (Nashville Tn) that can rewind about anything.

You or anyone else that needs info are welcome to contact me. I have tons of info on everything.

I don't log on much so don't be offended if you don't get an immediate response.
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Re: Early Starter Question from Nov-Dec 2016 Gazette

Post by Johnwick88 » Tue Dec 20, 2016 11:23 pm

It's something old and valuable. :?

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