Vancouver Regional Group 2019 Tour pictures

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Vancouver Regional Group 2019 Tour pictures

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The Vancouver Regional Group's 2019 tour was held from June 23 - 26 in the small town of Enderby, British Columbia. The area we toured stretched from the north end of Okanagan Lake up to Shuswap Lake. It's beautiful country and we found some great back roads through farm land, wooded areas, lakesides, and some short distances in small cities. Eighteen cars participated, coming from B.C., Washington, and Alberta. We called the tour "The Road Less Travelled."

We gathered in Enderby on Sunday just in time for a short warmup drive. We visited a gallery called The Crystal Man which sells rocks, crystals, and gems of all kinds in a variety of forms. It was an interesting stop and some of the ladies came away with some new jewellery. The staff were pretty excited to see our cars and posted some nice comments and a video on their Facebook page. On the way back there was a quick stop for most drivers as they hurriedly put their tops up - beautiful sunshine had quickly turned to rain. Ten minutes later we were back at the hotel and the rain was finished.
1912 Oakland

1911 Chalmers and 1910 Russell-Knight

Monday morning we were on the road early driving south through beautiful lake country. This tour had lots of hills up and down. Each morning, to get out of town, we had to climb for almost two miles, up about 700 feet. From there we had lots of ups and downs before descending that big grade later inthe day.

Our first stop was a tour and lunch stop at Davison Orchards in Vernon, B.C. This is a third generation family operation and we were treated to an excellent tour and a delicious picnic lunch. The site is set up like an old country market with some very nice trucks and tractors scattered around the grounds.
Davison Orchards

The orchards are high on the hill with a great view overlooking the valley and the city.

Period costumes added to the uniqueness of a parking lot full of brass era cars.

We stopped to regroup here. The morning stop had been high in the hills beyond the far end of the lake in the distance.

Our afternoon stop was at the Village Cheese Factory in Armstrong, B.C., where we learned about cheese production and ate pie and ice cream!

Monday evening a few of us lit our gas lights for a short drive behind the hotel.

A stand-off occurred when the driver of the Chalmers decided that to be 100% period correct he should be driving on the left side of the road. A little confusion ensued and great fun!

On Tuesday, after climbing the big hill, we made our way north to Salmon Arm, B.C. We stopped at the R,J, Haney Heritage Museum, a restored/re-created townsite. We were welcomed into the park and invited to park right along the main street while we toured the site.
This very cute 1913 Model T won the People's Choice award. It was the first time on one of our tours for the little firetruck.

This little Maxwell belonged to one of the local club members who came to see our group.

The 1911 Cadillac was the only Alberta car on the tour this year.

Late in the afternoon, after a beautiful drive through the Salmon River Valley, we arrived at the Farmstrong Cidery. There we were given a tour of their cider production facilities, did some tasting, and enjoyed a terrific dinner in their restored 1890s barn.

The old barn's unique construction was carefully restored, board by board.

In the cidery parking lot.

Enjoying dinner in the old barn, sitting on church pews!

The view from the cidery was spectacular.

The Road Less Travelled - group picture.

The road out of the cidery provided a great spot for a photo of each car.

Over half of our group were in Model T Fords. Every time I looked in my mirror there was a Ford sneaking up behind me on a hill!

Joining us all the way from Georgia were the Gordons, riding in the Cadillac on this day.

On Wednesday morning we stopped in at the home of one of the local club members. We enjoyed his beautiful shop and a most interesting collection of mechanical "stuff."

We were greeted by the music of the Wurlitzer carousel Organ at its finest.

Our cars looked great scattered around the beautiful grounds.

A few steam tractors were the largest pieces on site.

A 1919 Milburn Electric is the current restoration project

The chassis of the Milburn, ready to go.

A steam powered river boat adds to the variety of this unique stop.

There was a lot of interest in this V12 Pierce Arrow - a recent acquisition.

After lunch we headed for the Falkland Rodeo Grounds, where things were all set for some fun and games.
The cars were parked around the edge of the field awaiting each event.

The first event was called "The NBA Challenge" and involved bean bags and hoops.

Two cars went at a time on opposite courses, adding a speed element to the challenge.

Note the style - he must have been a ball player.

The second event was called "What's All That Racket?" and required the passenger to balance a tennis ball on a racket through the course.

These two cars were just starting out on their "Racket" heat.

The third event was called "Show Me the Way" and saw the navigator directing a blindfolded driver through the course. This made for some interesting spouse-to-spouse interactions.

She said, "No! The OTHER left!"

This 1911 McLaughlin was not quite tour-ready, but made it out of the trailer for the games. Just getting it started was enough to prompt a victory lap amid many cheers and jeers. More great fun!

The final event was called "Let's Stop For a Cone" and required skillful backing up through a course, then stopping precisely over a cone. Somehow we didn't get pictures of this one, but there's some great video in the links given below.

The tour finished with a delicious banquet, a few awards, and a short program. Remarkably, not one car ended up on the trouble truck trailer, making it difficult to select a hard luck award winner. It was a terrific tour and we've heard many great comments about it since. People are already looking forward to next year's tour. British Columbia is a fine place to tour.

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