Calling All E-M-Fs!

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Calling All E-M-Fs!

Post by oldcarfudd » Thu Oct 18, 2012 3:41 pm

A bunch of folks were lounging around Clay Green’s Hershey spot, and someone wondered aloud how many E-M-Fs it might be possible to put on next year’s Hershey show field. Ten seemed easy. Twenty seemed doable. Steve Heald volunteered to coordinate an E-M-F rally and to get the cars parked together. Clay agreed to let the cars gather Saturday morning at his spot in the Red Field so they could parade in together.

This year’s newly-instituted Hershey Hangover tour, on the Sunday and Monday following the car show, was very successful and will be repeated next year. A big E-M-F contingent would enhance the tour.

Now, we need a word to describe a large number of E-M-Fs. A gaggle? A herd? A peloton? A phalanx? A pride? Hey, pride sounds pretty good! Call or e-mail Steve Heald ((his e-mail is and his cell phone is (585) 703-2669)) to find out about joining a pride of E-M-Fs next year!

Gil Fitzhugh the Elder (who, regrettably, has no E-M-F)

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