Seeking Divine Guidance - A Work In Progress!

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Seeking Divine Guidance - A Work In Progress!

Post by oldcarfudd » Thu Jun 06, 2013 5:11 pm

The Brass in Bucks/Berks County tour rarely gets away without some significant rain sometime during the event, much to tourmeister Clay Green’s chagrin. On the other hand, Bob Ladd seems to come up with wonderful conditions for the Susquehanna Valley RG’s day trips. Clay, having taken note of this phenomenon, put Bob in charge of weather for this year’s BBC.

Sunday, all went well. The predicted rain never came, and the car show was successful. Monday was even better; instead of rain, we had a bit of mist in the morning and bright sunshine in the afternoon. But by Wednesday afternoon, the temperature had reached 90, and Bob said to me: “I may have over-prayed this one.” The next day we had a squall line with thunder, lightning and downpours.

If Bob is in charge of weather again next year, he promises to pray a bit less intensely, but one day longer.

Gil Fitzhugh the Elder

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