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1909 Oakland 20B

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 4:18 am
by Attitude928
My 1909 2 cylinder Oakland 20B pulled one of the two spots on the red carpet and 1st in the Brass Car Division at the 11th Annual Americana Manhasset Concours D'Elegance today. It's one of two known and has the counterclockwise Alanson Brush engine with the fan-top cylinder heads. Wheels have 12 spokes and WB is 100". Car is being sorted for touring next year.

Re: 1909 Oakland 20B

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:07 am
by MochetVelo
Nice car and nice photos. Can you post a picture of the engine?

Phil Jamison

Re: 1909 Oakland 20B

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2015 6:39 am
by Attitude928
It's an Alanson Brush engine with counterclockwise motion to prevent hand injury while crank-starting. It has the characteristic Brush fan-top cylinder heads.