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Removing Broken Taps

Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:04 pm
by MochetVelo
Taps tend to break off, especially smaller ones. This is a frustration, but it happens to the best mechanics. Here are several ways to remove them.


This simple idea actually unscrews the tap a tiny bit at a time. You get a center punch and hold it at one edge at the steepest angle possible to the broken tap. Give it a sharp rap. Then position the punch on the opposite side of the broken tap and wack it. This method works well, but takes some time. Here's a link to a good thread on the subject:

2) EDM

"Electrical Discharge Machining" burns a rather precise hole into the broken tap. These machines can be purchased for as little as $1500 (see eBay). Many machine shops have them. Check this video of one working:


Products such as Omega Drill can be used to drill out broken taps. These bits a pricey, however.


Another old trick is to add weld to the top of the broken tap and slowly work it back and forth with a ViseGrips or the like.