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1913 Canadian Ford Horn

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:29 pm
by autoneer
We are working on a very low mileage and complete 1913 Canadian Model T touring car, with less than 3200 miles on the odometer and original upholstery. By the condition of the car and mint condition the pedals, we believe that is correct. One of the very few things the car was missing was the horn tubing and bulb. The correct horn was in place on the dash. It has 4 doors, so where and how does the horn bulb and tubing mount? It can't go on the door, as it opens, because it would stretch, and then be in the way of getting in and out of the car. Presumably, the horn tubing would be the same on 1914 and early 15 Canadian models with 2 or 4 doors? This car has a 12-12-12 engine assembly date, and has some leftover 1912 bits on the car. It has a Fisher body, and was assembled several months before the C-1 start of Canadian serial numbers, so it has an American serial of 181,XXX and matching number on the Walkersville Ontario large 1912 style data plate. I assume it was built in Detroit and shipped across the river into Canada for sale? The engine block says Made in USA, but the head just says Ford. I know this is a VERY rare car, but someone out there probably knows where the horn bulb and tubing goes.
Many thanx