PInion Gear Removal

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PInion Gear Removal

Post by MochetVelo » Wed Jan 15, 2014 7:07 pm

Here's a tip freshly stolen from the Model T Forum. It's for removing the pinion gear from the drive shaft of the Ford T. A lot of cars have a similar set-up, so this low-tech method may work for you, also. Taper-fit gears can be the devil to remove. I'll quote Stan Howe:

I'll get blasted for telling you how I do it. I'm pretty sure this is not the method in the Ford shops or those true "Professional" shops where everything is done absolutely perfectly.

Loosen the nut. Put a hardwood block on the floor. Pick up the driveshaft tube and bang the nut down hard on the block. Pinion gear will pop right off. The driveshaft tube will move enough to act like a slide hammer and since the gear won't go through the pinion housing it centers it self on the outside edge of the teeth on the gear and pops it right off. Been doing it that way for 50 years and more. Works 99.99% of the time.

Now, a video of the process by Steve Jelf:


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