Dry Cell Batteries

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Dry Cell Batteries

Post by MochetVelo » Sun Feb 02, 2014 10:26 am

Early cars used a set of dry cell batteries for spark. Some, like the Ford T, used dry cells and a magneto. The most practical replacement for these old batteries is a rechargeable 12v battery like you'd find on a modern car, lawn tractor or similar machine. Some drivers incorporate generators to keep the battery charged; some recharge from a 110v outlet after a day of touring. For realistic-looking original-style dry cells, The Radiola Guy sells some nice labels which can be applied to do-it-yourself batteries made from 2.5" mailing tubes and 4, "C" batteries. You can run a car from these, and just replace the C batteries when they die (or use rechargeables). Here are some instructions to make your own:

http://www.radiolaguy.com/info/Vintage_ ... s.htm#Make

Here is a link to the reproduction labels:


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Dry Cell Batteries
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