Nickel era horn button question

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Nickel era horn button question

Postby traindoctordavid » Sun Apr 19, 2015 11:29 pm

I am working on a '22 Buick touring car for a local museum (volunteer work). the electric horn button fits into the center of the wheel as part of the spark lever, which is aluminum. The horn button is a unified piece, encased in a copper tube, about 1" in diameter and about the same length, with a single wire going down the center of the steering wheel shaft. The tube is held into the spark lever on one side by a slotted set screw. Did any other cars use this? The button itself is an over-sized phenolic part, a bit larger than the copper tube. I don't have an intact one to give much more info! I'm thinking of using a modern plastic push button I'll epoxy into a copper tube to fit the spark lever. Anyone have a better idea?
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