Damaged Starter Gear

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Damaged Starter Gear

Postby DanGreen » Thu Apr 14, 2016 2:58 pm

My 1915 Dort's starter gear has broken and worn teeth such that the starter Bendix gear slips frequently. It's to the point it has to be fixed. It's on a Lycoming L-head 4 cylinder engine. Is this the kind of thing I can get repaired? Does it have to be rebuilt? Can anyone refer me to a machine shop in southern California that might do that kind of work? A local machinist says he can grind the teeth off the old gear and put a ring on it -- IF I can locate a replacement ring. I found one online at Vintage Auto Parts, Inc. {vapinc.com) in Denver that I thought would work, but they went out of business before I could get it shipped. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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