Hung Over Again - This Is Becoming a Habit!

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Hung Over Again - This Is Becoming a Habit!

Post by oldcarfudd » Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:48 am

This year’s Hershey Hangover was another international touring experience. While there were no Aussies or Irish, we did have the Van Dykens from Canada with their Buick, Willem van der Horst and Hans van der Wouden from the Netherlands (via the UK) with the Buick they keep in the US for touring, and some Kiwis who joined us and rode in back seats. Unusual cars included Patrick and Peggy Whaley’s (factory correct purple!) friction drive 1909 Petrel that hadn’t been seen in several years, Bob and Rob “Cub” Barrett’s 1913 Rolls-Royce London-Edinburgh, Mike Zerega’s and Rob Burchill’s 1910 Stanley, David and Nel Deardorff’s 1912 Pullman, Bob and Nancy Ladd’s 1910 Chalmers-Detroit, and four (count ‘em!) enormous Locomobiles.

This year, for the first time, the tour included the choice of shorter “Creepy-Crawly” or longer routes. The intent of the shorter routes was to encourage slower cars to participate, as well as offering overHersheyed tourists (and those with troublesome cars) a way to get home a bit sooner. Two two-cylinder REOs joined the tour.

Sunday, for the third time in five Hangovers, we visited the ever-popular Harvest Days at the Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum. There were horse-drawn wagon rides, demonstrations of making apple butter and cider, live music and food – and, of course, our cars were a major attraction. This place, together with the Amish buggies and covered bridges we saw in abundance, is a particular hit with overseas visitors, who get to see old-time Americana.
Two E-M-Fs and a REO at Landis Valley Farm
The Ladd Chalmers-Detroit
A Ford at Landis Valley Farm
REO, Packard, REO, Maxwell
Clay Green's Buick, dwarfed by a Locomobile
On the way to the farm, the longer route stopped for coffee and doughnuts at Mike Burkholder’s collection of mostly ‘60s Pontiac muscle cars and Corvettes. We all appreciated his fine original 1923 Stevens-Duryea touring car. My personal favorite was his 1947 MG-TC, but I’m not sure I’m still spry enough to get in and out of it and I was too shy to ask permission to try.
Cars at Burkholder's; the Whaley's Petrel in front
One of the Locomobiles
The Wallace Packard
An E-M-F and a Stanley
Buick, E-M-F, Ford and REO; the Bonos are dressed for fall chill.
I'm not sure what this is, but if it follows me home, may I keep it?
After lunch at the farm, the longer tour went to a wolf sanctuary. This turned out to be a tourist trap. There were barbeque and soda for sale, a guy prancing around in a wolf suit, and what seemed to be about 3,944.3 people per wolf (but was probably only 10% that many). Were I a wolf, I would reside elsewhere. The unimproved dirt driveway to the hilltop parking lot, with many starts and stops forced by traffic, was far and away the steepest we encountered on the whole Hangover. The Petrel made it, but shortly thereafter its friction disc lining gave up the ghost. (In fairness, it hadn’t been replaced in decades.) The scenic drive home, just at the start of fall foliage season, included two covered bridges.

The evening banquet included music by Bryan Stephenson, who played requests from his extensive list of over 400 popular songs.

Monday’s long route included some hills and three covered bridges in the morning, and five more covered bridges in the afternoon. Steve Bono’s brake band broke on a downhill stop, but he limped home using his reverse band and emergency brake. Even the short route got a couple of covered bridges. The destination was the Leola Coach Works, where Paul Stoltzfus makes Amish buggies. Final assembly, upholstery and painting take place there, from parts made in other Amish shops in the area. A basic buggy costs about $6,000, but accessories like better upholstery, disc brakes and better lighting can run the price up over 50%. As Paul said, just like buying a car!
An Amish buggy takes shape.
Did you know there are Amish snowbirds? Many of them decamp by chartered bus to an Amish community near Sarasota for the winter.

An excellent lunch was provided at Gracie’s, a funky little restaurant normally closed Monday’s but that Bob Ladd persuaded to open just for us. The walls are covered with blackboards with inspirational (or just plain funny) quotations.
I knew I liked Erma Bombeck!
Gracie, the hostess, had a new interpretation of “Take Your Child to Work Day”.
The picture says it all!
After five years as Hangover tourmaster, Bob Ladd is stepping down. Not to worry: Jeff Lesher is taking over. Next year will feature a new venue, but once again will have Creepy-Crawly routes as an alternative for slower cars. Show a brass car at Hershey, and then get hung over with us!

Gil Fitzhugh the Elder

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Re: Hung Over Again - This Is Becoming a Habit!

Post by cudaman » Thu Oct 20, 2016 6:39 am

Great pictures, thanks for posting them! Looks like everyone managed to stay dry?

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Re: Hung Over Again - This Is Becoming a Habit!

Post by FullerMetz » Thu Oct 20, 2016 8:06 pm

Thank you GFtE! A wonderful tour report as always. I have been looking forward to this one, and wondered what car did you take?
As always, thank you again!

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Re: Hung Over Again - This Is Becoming a Habit!

Post by oldcarfudd » Fri Oct 21, 2016 7:18 am

We got no rain at all, but early mornings were cloudy and chilly. I drove my '12 Buick.


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Re: Hung Over Again - This Is Becoming a Habit!

Post by cartercars » Mon Oct 24, 2016 6:42 pm

Gil, thanks for the report and images. While I attended, I had to depend on others for my transportation, Thanks Peter. Although I trailered it there, I chickened out of driving my 1915 Studebaker EC, because I thought I had a compression leak in my block. Subsequent testing back home found a plugged radiator causing the water pump to suck air. Always something to learn about this old iron. Next year I might try the Creepy Crawley in my 1908 Maxwell NC. Great short tour! Joe :arrow:

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