Century Plaques
History of the Program

HCCA Century Plaque Program
(Program Founded 2003)

History of the Program

     The Horseless Carriage Club Centennial Plaque program was conceived and designed by Harold and Jo Sharon of Glastonbury, CT in 2003 to honor vehicles that have achieved the grand old age of one century.  In March 2006, Harold, due to health reasons, turned the administration of the program over to Carlton Pate. Though the plaque does not validate the authenticity of a vehicle, its purpose is to commemorate the 100-year milestone that the vehicle has achieved.  The plaques are issued to both unrestored and restored automobiles.

      Though various plaque layouts were considered, the goal was to keep the design simple.  With the emphasis to be on the 100 years and the Century Old Vehicle it is awarded to, it was decided that the number "100" would be etched in the brass plaque prior to the printing of the lettering.  A removable plastic covering is put on the plaque to protect the face until installation. To keep the price of each plague affordable, the price of the plaque was set at an inexpensive price per plaque