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Automobile Advertising Pages

Automobile Advertising Pages (Circa 1900-1940). Mostly black & white, including some color pages. Approximately 5,000 sheets of various sizes. Many different vehicle manufacturers are represented.
Shipping is not available owing to the extreme weight. Located in Portland, Oregon. $500
   Boring, OR

Bosch Two-Spark Magnetos

Bosch Two-Spark Magnetos

Click photo for MORE Photos

>Bosch D6, dual two spark.  Super nice condition, hot. $2,600

  • Sold in about 2 Days on HCCA.org - Bosch D4 dual, two spark.Complete, hot and nice. $2,800
  • Sold 5/27/2023 Bosch D4, dual two spark. Dirty but turns over ok.  Missing points cover and dual point cover.  Otherwise complete. $2,500
  • Bosch 0-1-2 switch, nothing damaged or broken.  Works fine. $600
  • Stromberg brass 4 ball carb.  1 5/8"diameter throat. Nice condition.$400
  • Prices do not include shipping.

       Lakeside, CA

    Gruss Air Shocks Set of Four With Mounting Brackets $1000

    Gruss Air Shocks Set of Four With Mounting Brackets $1000

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    Four Gruss "Air Spring" Air Shocks With Mounting Brackets $1000

    Two front and two rear shocks.  All four, front and rear cast mounting brackets are included as pictured.  Each shock it approximately five inches in diameter.

    The front and rear shocks vary in length from approximately 20" - 24"

    Three of the ornate knurled nickel-plated caps are included, one is missing.

    Two of the manufacturers nickel plated diamond shaped logos are included. The early biplane logo plates are intriguing and have great patina.

    All four Gits oilers are included.

    As far as I can tell, they are in very good restorable condition.

    The shocks are approximately 35-40 pounds each.

    The brackets weigh about 42 pounds all together.

       Chico, CA

    Lincoln Headlights

    Lincoln Headlights

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    Lincoln headlights years 1923 to 1926 - I believe but not certain.

    Picked up at Hershey, very good shape. Restored and nickel plated at my shop Classic Metal Restorations.

    Lights not tested but everything looks ready to go. Lamp lens frame about 11" wide, 7 1/2" deep and about 12" forks.

    Original Lincoln enbossed lens. I have restored many lamps and I am inpressed with the quality and engineering of these lamps

    If needed I have more pictures I can email. Very nice Restoration.  $2,250.00 Firm, free shipping in USA.

       North Bennington, VT

    1912 Cadillac Headlights With Mounting Brackets

    1912 Cadillac Headlights With Mounting Brackets

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    Cadillac headlights fully nickel plated. 1912, 1913, 1914, ?. Lenses are not correct but a common nice looking lens of the time.

    Restored by me at my shop Classic Metal Restorations.

    Nickel plating and brass restoration performed. lights are 12" wide and about 8" deep.  lights not tested, but should work.

    Have questions? Give me a call.  Price $2,200 firm.

       Shaftsbury, VT

    Collection of Packard Model 30 Engine Parts from Bob Erasquin's Estate

    Collection of Packard Model 30 Engine Parts from Bob Erasquin

    Click photo to enlarge

    Packard Model 30 engine parts from the Bob Erasquin Estate. Sold 'as is' but generally in very nice condition. More to follow.

    1. Upper L: Eight original brass lifter guides. Excellent condition, little wear observed. These match my 1909. Likely good for all years.1907-12. $500. Combine with #2 for $900.

    2. Upper R: Nine original steel tappets. Nice condition, little wear observed. Two missing adjustment bolts. $500. Combine with #1 for $900.

    3. Diag: 1910 UB camshaft. Undamaged, but tolerances not measured. Likely fits other years. $150.

    4. Lower L: 1910 UB Radiator Outlet Drain. Complete, untested, some wear. $100.

    5. Lower R: 1908-1912 Complete 8-piece Spark Plug Wire Insulators. Nice. $350.

    More photos available. Shipping calculated separately.

       Dayton, OH

    1907/1909 Maxwell-Briscoe Motor Co. Brass Manufacture's Plate

    Two original brass Maxwell-Briscoe Data Plates with nice patina. 3.5" X 1.75" no dents/tears
    1907 Model R-S #4347 12HP 2-cyl Runabout with Divided Seat. Priced at $825
    1909 Model L-D #7002 14 HP Runabout, Priced at $825
    $30 each or $50 for both. Complete your car! Shipping included.
       Oakwood, OH

    Correct 1911/12 Packard Model 30/18 Horn, rough but restorable, reeds/parts

    Correct 1911/12 Packard Model 30/18 Horn, rough but restorable, reeds/parts

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    This original 1911/12 Packard horn is from Bob Erasquin's model 30/18 parts collection.

    He identified it as 1911/12, confirmed in above original Packard Motor Car Company photo from The Making of Modern Michigan Packard Collection.

    Rough but restorable, accompanied by several reeds and a few connector parts. Can supply more photos if requested. Additional items to be posted, as time allows.

    $200 OBO plus shipping from 45419

    New Photos Just Added 4/29, 5:00PM Pacific

       Dayton, OH

    Chalmers Book of Instructions Thirty-Six Model 10

    1913 Chalmers Owner's Manual. Overall it measures 5" x 8", 64 pages, lots of illustrations.. Shows wear, good binding, fair to good condition, $75 postage paid.
       Hardwick, MA

    Autocar 25th anniversary book

    Apparently Autocar published a monthly bulleton that was sent to the dearlerships, maybe ellswhere as well. It is a 11 1/2" X 9" hard bound book of 150+ pages titeled "Autocar Messenger 1922". It contains all the 1922 Autocar Messengers and more. Lots of interesting articles, new models and history.
       Saginaw, MI

    Autocar Truck Literature

    Instruction book for Type XXI-F 1918; illustrated, 28 pages-$125. "Maintenance Hints" for Types XXI-F and XXI-G 1923: illustrated, 8 pages-$75. Care and Operation for Model A 1927:illustrated, 50 pages-$150.
       Saginaw, MI

    IHC Autwagon Lamps

    Pair IHC script oil sidelamps and tail lamp. Vesta drum spotlight off ALF fire truck. Dictograph limousine intercom speaker and microphone 1920s. Pair 12" diameter NOS p-100 Lucas headlamps. Early Gray & Davis bullet tail lamp. Rauch & Lang volt amp meter. Jones brass speedometer w/clock.
       Northbrook, IL

    Weston Mott Front Axle

    Marked WMCO front axle assembly, $50 pick up only here in Northern California. Can send pictures and store for 90 days.
       Danville, CA

    Do you like REO’s ?

    Special Offer from The REO Club! Applies to Indiv & Family, Elect Echo 3 yr Subs which include Members Only access. New Members will receive a $10 credit once they apply online at reoclub.org and use coupon code: EECHO3YR1 But don’t delay, this special offer expires April 30, 2023!
       Wichita, KS

    Paige Literature

    Various pieces of original Paige literature,1914 -1920s. 9 items, sales catalogs, owners manual, parts manuals, advertising. Some in color. Showing models 6-14, 6-19 6-42, 6-46, 6-38, 6-44, G-2 G-3. All in good condition. Sold as a lot $100
       Santa Cruz, CA

    Early T Ford Differential Housings Now available 1908-9 thru 1912

    Available for immediate delivery. 1908-9 No Rivet axle housings Completely new one set left 1909-12 6 and 12 rivet housings cast steel centers pressed into original tubes and backing plates $2500 per pair. No leaking or sagging ever again. Can delivery to the Celebration of Brass
       Baxter, Ontario, Canada

    1954 Beloit HCCA National Tour Sticker

    1954 Beloit HCCA National Tour Sticker

    Click photo to enlarge

    Feature Gazette article in 1954 vol.16 #3.  Printed on the same 3M Scotchlite silver materal, with adhesive back.

    The tour feature was the Kansas Centential. Most of the cars on the tour are in the six page article.

    I made a few extras, Please let me know if you would like one for your car it will show some of its history..

       S.E. Bolivia, NC

    Brass Bulb Horns

    Volier Dragon 812 brass bulb horn. Autovox bulb horn - bulb & electric. Pierce Arrow tally-o-horn. 1907-11 Buick bulb horn. Early electric adapter to make a bulb horn electric. Testophone 4 trumpet musical bulb horn. Cadillac script Gray & Davis 107 searchlamp. 1909-12 Model T, Rubes bulb horn
       Northbrook, IL

    REO engines for sale

    Two REO engines probably 1917 to 1920 for sale one block has rod damage was running last year would make one good engine
       Kildare, Co. Kildare

    Cadillac 1917

    Engine and box for sale willing to part out recondition crank and camshaft distributors ans caurb.
       Kildare, Co. Kildare

    1915 - 1925 Cadillac Sales Brochures & Catalogs and 1927 - 1930 Lincoln

    Selling my collection of 1915 to 1925 Cadillac sales brochures and catalogs. Many in their original mailing envelopes. All in excellent original condition. Also several large 1927 - 1930 Lincoln catalogs in their original mailing envelopes. Bringing all catalogs the HCCA Swap Meet in Tulare in April.
       Santa Cruz, CA

    Wheels and Rims

    1. Pair of 21 inch Buffalo wire wheels. Sand blasted and primed. Not perfect. $1,000 Can Bring to Tulare
    2. 3-26 inch Baker demountable rims & lock rings with felloe bands. 2-25 inch felloe bands and 2 other 26 inch rims and can of bolts and hardware. $1,200.00
       Redwood City, CA

    Headlamp Lenses

    100 or so head light lenses teens to the 30s, mostly flat some side light lenses also Email or tex for more info will not ship will be at Tulare. Cell for details

    1901 Rambler Model 38 Bicycle

    1901 Rambler Model 38 Bicycle , Original Condition , Wooden Rims , Cork Grips , Tire Pump , ETC. This is Shaft Drive Bicycle 3750.00 Central Missouri , can send pics if interested . Thank You
       California, MO

    Hupmobile Model R and N tail lamp

    Lovely ‘fan’ shaped original tail lamp restored and ready to fit. All bulb fittings present. Stamped Hupp Model A. $220AUD (about $150US).. I will subsidise some shipping costs for international buyer and I take PayPal. Many photos available on request.
       Wollongong, NSW

    Adlake X-Rays Bale Tail Lamp

    Adlake X-Rays all brass tail lamp. Has a bale handle. Oil/electric. Extremely good original. Nice and straight except for a small dent. Good glass. $975 + shipping.
    Pair NOS never used P-100 Lucas headlamps in their original boxes. Off Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, and others. $2,000 + shipping
       Northbrook, IL

    1911 Torpedo Body

    1911 Torpedo Body

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    New, Ray Wells 1911 Model T Torpedo Runabout Body with: New Gas Tank (cap included)

  • New Sediment Bowl
  • New Running Boards
  • Plus, New two-piece Dash and Side Light Brackets (not shown)
  • Priced at just $2,900

       Portland, OR

    Sears Motor Buggy

    Have Sears body plates 60 dollars, ignition switchs 155 dollars, nice frameable prints from 18 to 30 dollars a set. Want any original photos, booklets of Sears Motor Buggies?
       Earlville, IL

    Early Parts

    Early Parts

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    What is for sale?

    • Kellogg Tire pump Model 101  $75
    •  Water pump possibly of a 40hp Pope Hartford $75
    •  Early aluminum water pump. Unknown  $75
    • 2 port oiler, no make known $75
    •  Air pump, unknown maker $75

    Call or email for more info

       Bettendorf, IA

    Gray & Davis Lights

    Gray & Dvis bullet back bale tail lamp. Pair Gray & Davis 107 Cadillac carbide headlamps. Pair Gray & Davis 3 tier 838 sidelamps. Early Gray & Davis brass carbide headlamp with internal magnifier. Pair Stevens Duryea script Gray & Davis carbide headlamps. Pair Gray & Davis, 10 cylindrical sidelamps
       NORTHBROOK, Illinois

    1910 / 1911 Roadster Body

    1910 / 1911 Roadster Body

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    Roadster body, original metal cowl and front seat riser. The rest is new.

    32" wide at base, firewall 23" tall.

    Rear tonneau is separate, and easily modified for different wheel bases.

    $ 2,500

       Pasadena, Calif.

    Early Head Lamp Forks

    Pair of early head lamp forks. 8" between centers. Nice shape. E-mail for pics.
    $165 plus shipping.
       Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan

    Dietz Dainty Tail Lamp & More

    Dietz Dainty tail lamp w/bale handle.
    Warner auto-meter w/clock.
    1927 Chevrolet quota trophy mascot radiator cap.
    Old sol motorcycle carbide headlamp w/presto lite tank.
    Solar model 56 sidelamp.
       Northbrook, IL

    Chrysler and Plymouth

    1936 Chrysler C-8 overdrive transmission - $150 or best offer 1940 Plymouth Edmunds dual intake manifold with rebuilt Chrysler carburetors- $150 or best offer Running board luggage holder - $35 or best offer
       Hartford, SD

    Bosch Twin Magneto switch and 4 serving Picnic set

    Bosch Twin Magneto switch and  4 serving Picnic set

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    Very nice Brass Bosch Twin Magneto switch. You can run each magneto separately, or together.

    Possible early aircraft or race car.

    Also, a 4-serving picnic box.  Very nice original condition. French manufacturer. Slanted top to rest your feet on in the car. Appears NOS. plates and saucers more modern. A very nice addition when showing or driving your early car.

    Call or email for more pictures and pricing.

       North Salt Lake, UT

    Automatic Brass Windshield and Gray and Davis Bullet Back Lamp

  • Automatic brass windshield measuring 44 inches wide and 23 inches tall. $500
  • Gray and Davis bullet back side lamp $400
  • All plus shipping. Email me for pictures.

    Contact: Kim Dobbins
       Harbor City, CA

    High Quality Fine Grain Leather, Very Dark Blue Color, > 200 sq ft

    High Quality Fine Grain Leather, Very Dark Blue Color, > 200 sq ft

    Click photo to enlarge

    I purchased this leather from Bill Hirsch in 2018 to complete a 1930's Packard Super 8 Coupe Roadster with Rumble Seat. Sold car before completion.

    High quality fine grain leather, very dark blue color, no blemishes, > 200 sq ft. Swatch available.

    Will deliver for expenses up to 250 miles. $1.500

       Dayton, OH

    Overland brass headlamp; Bosch ARN; Wood Steering wheel; Kellogg Compressor

    Overland brass headlamp; Bosch ARN; Wood Steering wheel; Kellogg Compressor

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    1. Overland headlamp Sold on HCCA.org. Good mirror and burner, no lens, door measures approx. 9". $ 350
    2. Bosch Type ARN Magneto, S/N 107321. $800
    3. Quality Wood Steering wheel for Chrysler, Studebaker, Kissel and others, approx. 17". $250
    4. Kellogg Compressor Mod. 101 No. 5802 $200
    5. Rear mount Spare thetire carrier with brass nest. $200.Sold on HCCA.org

    All units are untested. Buyer to pay shipping costs. Happy to answer all question.

       Minnetonka, MN

    Bosch Dual Coil

    Bosch Dual Coil

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    Bosch Dual Coil (battery/magneto ignitiion system).

    This unit is complete with the locking key.  Also included is an extra coil unit.  Neither unit has been tested.

    Priced at $950, including US shipping.

       Boring, OR

    Solar Model 1232 right side lamp

    Solar Model 1232 right side lamp

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    Solar model 1232 right side lamp

    Minor damage to dop

    Combination lamp, oil + electric

    A few, very minor beauty marks

    Only $125

    Sold On HCCA.org

    Contact: Tom Huehn
       Warkworth, Ontario, Canada

    Victor Generator; Stewart #.11; Marmon Cover, Mea mag; Switch; Bulb Horn

    Victor Generator; Stewart #.11; Marmon Cover, Mea mag; Switch; Bulb Horn

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    1. Victor acetylene gen. Solid. $700

    2. Mea magneto model BK6D. $700

    3. Stewart speedometer No. 11 s/n B10193, needle moves. $500

    4. Marmon wire wheel center dust cap. $150

    5. Delco ignition switch with key. $225

    6. Bulb horn with reed, usual dents. $300

    7. Pfanstiehl master vibrator. $200

    All units are untested. Buyer to pay for shipping cost.

       Minnetonka, MN

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