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1914 Oldsmobile Model 42

I want to find the owner of a 1914 Oldsmobile Model 42 Touring Car that participated in the 2008 Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village. This Oldsmobile is painted pale yellow with black fenders & black top. I'd like to compare electrical wiring to return my car to original.
   Dillwyn, VA

Allan Herschell Carousel Factory Museum Restoration Project

Need a set of used 33 x4 tires to make our Herschell Spillman powered 1923 Standard a roller to further our restoration efforts.
   North Tonawanda, NY

Wanted: De Tamble Information

Looking for an original or copy of an Owners Manual/Parts Guide for 1909-1910, 2-Cylinder, water cooled De Tamble. Would love to speak with any owners or researchers.
   Greeneville, TN

Jno Brown 75 Ford tail lamp

Jno Brown model 75 Ford tail lamp. Either parts or complete light. Also want Fooey Face brake light.
   Northbrook, IL

Permite Water Pump Catalog Needed

I need some help in identifying some 1920's & 1930's Permite water pump rebuilding kits. Should you have a crusty, moldy, festering Permite catalog lying about I can put it to good use. Thanks
   Sparta, NJ

Steam Car - Non-Condensing Model- Project to Old Restoration.

Looking for a steam car to build from good bones to a car that may need some refreshing. In short - all cars considered. I prefer a non condensing model. Please email me or call
   Livonia, NY

RightHand drive T Ford Parts

Looking for a rhd starter type transmission cover, handbrake lever assembly Rhd Carb or bell crank Right hand drive steering column to frame mounting bracket. Early front radius rod wishbone above the axle (Thin style)
   Baxter, Ontario

Auto Upholstery Leather

I need to recover the front seat bottom in an early Peerless and I am looking for a source of the shiny black leather that will match the seat back. the modern product that I have found locally seams to be more course and have a duller finish
   Davenport, WA

Large Budd Wire Wheel Hubs and Caps

Looking for a pair of rear hubs with caps and a right hand thread cap for the large 25 inch Budd wire wheels. I have front hubs, wheels, and left hand caps to trade if needed.
   Harvard, Illinois

24 inch demountable wood wheels U

Set of 4 wood demountables for late teen or early twenties car. Hubs not needed but will consider options. Also Need running board battery box for earlier car. Early Front radius rod for Ford T. ( thin style 1909-15.) All responses answered. Thank you.
   Baxter, ONT, Canada

Floyd Clymer Memorabilia

Floyd Clymer grew up in the small town of Berthoud, CO. The local historical society is building a permenent display in the museum.

We are looking for anything Clymer related:

  • Pictures
  • Articles
  • Stories
  • whatever
Even donations of cars or motorcycles with Clymer history would be appreciated of course.

   Longmont, CO

WTB 37x5 Gray Tires 36x4.5 Gray Tires

I am looking to buy all-gray tires. I need at least three 36x4.5, new or light used I also need at least three 37x5 new or light used. Will ship from anywhere. Need very soon. call, text, email:
   Newport Beach, CA

Newer HCCA member looking for an interesting, turnkey Brass car

Hi Folks: Couple of years back, my wife and I went on a day tour with a bunch of Brass cars; had a blast. To be honest, before that, my interests were late 20’s to about 1947. I have a Pierce-Arrow and a ‘41 Cadillac.
I don’t know what I am looking for, yet. Hit me up if you have a car for sale.
   Hollis, NH

Westchsester Brass Windshield Assembly

Seeking a complete preferably or partial Westchseter brass windshield assembly including downrod supports and all brass attachments. Please call
   Jacksonville, FL

Buy or borrow Cadillac Single Con Rod

Need a Cadillac Single Con Rod to use as a jig for boring a pair of big end rebabbited bearing shells.

Also have a friend who needs a pair of bearing shells, willing to copy and build or buy.  Rent, Borrow or Buy.

All leads appreciated.  Ask around please.... Thanks Jim

   Owego, NY

Lunkenheimer Oiler

Looking for a Lunkenheimer engine oiler (engine bearing oiler). Thanks
   West Chester, PA

Nickel Lamps

Need set of 5 good enough Nickel Lamps. Gas Headlamps must be 7.25 inches between mounting holes. Any or all considered. Contact me with what you have, pairs only. Side lights, Headlights and Tail light need not be by same maker. Nickel plated only, no brass.
   Owego, NY

1912/13 Buick Engine

I am after a pair of jugs, or a complete 4x4 201 cu inch engine for my 1912 Model 28 Buick as the water jackets on mine are broken due to water being left in the past and freezing. Too far gone to repair.
   Turners Flat, New South Wales

VMCCA's Great Lakes Regional Tour, 1968

Anyone out there who attended the 1968 VMCCA tour to Elgin House in Port Carling, Ontario? Do you have any photos to share? It was the only event we attended where no one in our family photographed anything. Let me know what you have. Thanks
   Port Carling, Ontario, Canada

1906 Cadillac Parts

Seeking the following parts: Crank handle, Front radius rods or just the ends, Foot pedals, Levers and quadrant, Hood hinges,Top bows, Rear end complete or castings that fit long side tube, (4) 28 X 3 tires.
   Snohomish, WA

1911-12 Ford Steering Column

Looking for a Ford 1911-12 steering column. A early 13 would be considered. Must be unrestored. A little crusty is fine.

Found on 04-06-2023

   Medina, OH

Model T delivery needed from Texas to Tennessee

I bought a 1915 Model T roadster off of this site a few weeks ago for my 17-year-old son and need to get it from near San Antonio to Eastern Tennessee. Any help would be appreciated.
   Spring City, TN

Torbenson 1903 Single cylinder

Looking for photos, literature, measurements any information on a Torbensen 1903 (roughly) Single cylinder (DeDion engine #16380) Chassis # 6969 Believe to have been imported into Australia in the late 1950s Any help accepted and Thank you in advance Regards Ron
   Albany, WA

E and J Lamps

Looking for a pair of E & J model 466 lamps for my 1910 T roadster, in Tasmania Australia. Happy to pay you for your time to pack and ship, any thing in fair condition considered.
   RisdonVale, Tasmania, Australia

Wanted - 1913 Studebaker Model 25 Radiator

Wanted - 1913 Studebaker Model 25 Radiator

Click photo to enlarge

In search of a replacement radiator, radiator shell, and radiator cap for my 1913 Studebaker 25 (SA-25). Photo is from parts book for the Model 25.

Car was bought without radiator, so I have no pattern to work from. Hole to hole center of mounting bolt holes is approximately 26-1/4" 1913 appears to be a unique radiator size as my 1914 radiator is approximately two inches wider. 

Also interested if anyone has other parts for a 1913 Studebaker Model 25:

  • Magneto Mounting Bracket
  • Magneto (Splitdorf I believe)
  • Magneto dashboard switch (Splitdorf with hot shot button)
  • Engine timing gear cover
  • Water Pump
  • Crank handle
  • Crank handle bracket

Thanks for any help in advance!

Generator, Housing or Parts: The Electric Auto-Lite company, Generator 1914

Generator, Housing or Parts: The Electric Auto-Lite company, Generator 1914

Click photo to enlarge

Complete unit or parts. I mostly need the housing.

6 Volts Model G 4312. Type SR6

   Lumberton, NC

Transportation California to Florida

Need parts transported Chico CA to Florida or close. Partial pickup truck load of early automobile parts. Please contact if you can help Thanks

1912-1913 Reo the fifth touring parts wanted

Looking for headlights, headlight mounting fork brackets, rear upper fender brackets and windshield mounting brackets any help will be appreciated.
   Lexington, South Carolina

EMF Main-Drive Pinion and Front Trans. Case Cover

I'm looking for an EMF main drive pinion part A-466 that fits in the front transmission cover, and also the EMF front transmission case cover, part A-456. Thanks!
   Prospect, PA

Reno Tour Plaques Wanted

Wish to Purchase, Harrah, Reno Tour Plaques, from the 50s-60s. I am finishing the Restoration on my 1910 30-60 Stearns, that went on all the tours, When Bud Catlett, and Bill Harrah owned the car. THANKS!!!
   Bolivia, N.C.

Wanted Starter

Wanted Starter

Click photo to enlarge

Wanted Rushmore or Bosch starter. 5 or 6 inches in diameter.

Used in the brass era 1913-1916.

   New Haven, IN

Splitdorf model B mag parts wanted

Splitdorf model B mag parts wanted

Click photo for MORE Photos

I am working on a couple of Splitdorf model B magnetos

I am looking for one distributor cap and two of the rings as pictured, but not broken and say Model B and not Model D.


   West Jordan, UT

Wanted - Electric Car Voltage/Amp meter - All Makes Considered.

Wanted - Electric Car Voltage/Amp meter - All Makes Considered.

Click photo for MORE Photos

Looking for a period volt/amp meter as shown in the above pictures.

I'm not concerned with the make or nameof the carriageon the label.

Please drop me a note if you have one surplus to your needs.

Also looking for a pair of lamps that would be correct on an early electric carriage.

HCCA members have been a great help on this project.

Found On HCCA.org

   Livonia, NY

1902 Schebler Carb Or Help

1902 Schebler Carb Or Help

Click photo for MORE Photos

Writing from the UK. I have a 1904 Yale 14/16HP twin cylinder that runs a Schebler carb.

From what I can tell, the carb is 1902. We did not make the London to Brighton run this year as the carb started playing up. No idea why as it is basic?

So, I could really use another carb whilst we try to fix up the one we have.

Are there any resources for these early carbs so we can clearly see how they work? Are there any suppliers / manufacturers who make parts for early Schebler carbs?

Any help with any of this would be most grateful.

Lastly, I have little to no information on my 1904 Yale so if anyone can point in any direction on understanding my car model that would be great. Thank you and Happy New Year for 2023.

   Woodchurch, UK

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