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Wolfe Automobile Owners Wanted

Need the name and address of the owners of the Wolfe automobile made in Minneapolis, Mn around 1908-11. There are two Wolfe autos in existance for sure and perhaps one more. I have an Wolfe item and information I would like them to have.
   Long Lake, MN

Looking for a 1914 McLaughlin Buick B54 Roadster

That was once owned by John & Bess Reilly of North Delta, BC, Can. It has gone missing from the Big Six Buick Roster tracking all known Big Six Buicks 1914-16. If you have knowledge of it's where abouts or of Eric(?) Reilly, John's son: please contact me. Gregg Lange. 989-220-7566
   Saginaw, MI US

1913 REO parts and information

1913 REO The 5th parts. Mainly engine parts. Also looking for general information about the car, particularly about original carburetor.
   HESPERIA, California US

INFO Wanted ID Early Frame

Need to identify frame. Please look at AACA sight for pictures. Listed under (What is it). Thread title, Very Early Frame. Thanks, Steve
   Moorehead, MN

Wanted Rear Fenders for Overland Model 59 or 69

Looking a set of Rear Overland Model 59 or 69 fenders. Please take a look in your parts collection and let me know.
   Royal Oak, MI

Choke Control Wanted

Wanted a steering column mounted, lever-action choke control. Brass or primarily brass. Brand not important. Thanks Bob McAnlis Chagrin Falls, OH
   Chagrin Falls, OH

Looking for Chalmers 30 or 36 crankcase, or motor

Looking for Chalmers 30 or 36 crankcase, or motor

Click photo to enlarge

Looking for Chalmers 30 or 36 crankcase.  Will consider complete motor if available.  One was listed a few years ago in HCCA but no current leads on this past advertizement.  Any help is much appreciated.

   Bakersfield, CA

Bosch D-6 dual magneto wanted

I need a Bosch D-6 dual magneto for restoration of a 6 cylinder Premier. I have a Bosch D-6 and a 4 cylinder Mea magneto to trade if that is of interest. Thank you
   Lakeside, CA US

Cicce Testaphone Horn Help Please!

I have a 4 note Cicce Testaphone horn I dearly would like to work again! It's missing a few parts, plus I am at a quandary as to "how" it works, and plays the different notes. I'd love photos to start, and a description of how it works, then possibly measurements etc of what is needed. Thanks!

Wanted Pre 1905 era French or English sidelights. Lucas King of the Road??

Wanted - Early Pre 1905 Lucas sidelights or other English / French lights. Must be clean and not cracked/dented junk
   Livonia, NY

National Coil Box

I am looking for a 2 cylinder National Coil Box for a 1908 REO. Complete box with coils or just coils. If you have a picture, please send it.
   Mount Pleasant, SC

Rushmore 806 Headlights and Westinghouse Generator/Distributor Wanted

I am looking for any Rushmore 806 Headlights and a Westinghouse style 248373B Generator/Distributor. Please call or email if you have these items. Thanks
   North Salt Lake, UT

Model T or other top support irons/sockets that attach to the body

Need Model T or other top support irons/sockets that attach to the body
   West Chester, PA

Packard 1934 Super 8 Coupe Parts Needed

1. Donut radiator cap repro by Don Sommer or perfect original.
2.ash tray
3. Wheel dress rims
4.Small bumper step to enter rumble seat.
   Brisbane, Queensland Aus

Block Chain for Black Buggy Model 112

Block Chain for Black Buggy Model 112

Click photo to enlarge

Wanted Block Chain for my Black Buggy Model 112. Measurements in the photo.

I need 6 feet but any amount would be good, so I can repair my old chain.

   Mudgee, NSW

Seeking Parts for 1916/17 D45 Buick

Looking for: - radiator in useable condition (shroud is NOT needed) - water pump with threaded output or just empty or broken housings (frozen or cut shaft also OK) -spark plug terminals (2-3 pieces) - Baker rim 26" for (flat base for 34x4 tire) - Newtone horn Thanks for any offers or leads.
   Prague, ÄŒeská Czechia

Wanted - 31-inch Clincher Tire and 31-xInch Rim

WANTED - One or more Michelin 1020x120 tire( or any other make). The tires I have are gray but Ill take any color I can find. Im also looking for one 31 inch clincher or Straight sidewall rim. Mike West Livonia NY 585 738 1541

Rear Brake Drums for Model T

I need two rear brake drums for my Model T Touring. Thanks, David Tipton Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
   Colleyville, TX

Wanted - 1909/1910 Model T Front Axle

Looking for a front axle for my 1910 Model T Touring. Car currently has a fake that needs to be replaced. Please email or call/text. Thanks!

Wicker baskets

Hi all I'm looking to have several wicker baskets made for Brass Era vehicles, do you know anyone who will custom make them to size? All help greatly appreciated
   Mudgee, NSW Australia

Kingston 5 Ball Carburetor

Wanted kingston 5 ball carburetor up draft with inch and quarter pipe thread which means the throat measures one inch. In good condition please call with what you have THANKS.
   Kensington, OH

Empire Pilot for Steam Car

Looking for a empire pilot for my 1924 brooks steamer any condition considered. Also any cruban burners or parts. Thanks
   Victoria, BC

Pittsfield Coils

Pittsfield Coils

Click photo to enlarge

Need early Pittsfield coils to complete our 1904 Franklin - one or more

Coil body dimensions are 3-1/4"  x  2-9/16"  x  6-1/2"

The car has been completed and one of our 4 restored coils is bad. Help or leads greatly appreciated

   Spring Lake Park, MN

Ford Model A, B, C, S

I would like to buy a Ford Model A (1903-4), B, C, S
   BĘDZIN, Silesia, Poland

Quality Person to take over my Restoration Business

If your interested in restoring, servicing the best?? In the shop, Bearcat, 30-60 Stearns, Fiat, Pierce, Peerless, Packard, V16 Cad.Stanley, many others.$ not important. look at my website. CALL PLEASE.
   S.E. Bolivia, NC

25 Disteel Wheels & Hubs, Simplex Crane Headlight, Newcomb Brass Carburetor

25 Disteel Wheels & Hubs, Simplex Crane Headlight, Newcomb Brass Carburetor

Click photo for MORE Photos

  1. I am hoping to find one and up to six 25" Disteel wheels and one or more hubs or any other related parts.
  2. I am interested in buying one or more Simplex, Crane model 5 headlights as pictured, the fork mounted buckets were manufactured by C.M. Hall. It is the rims that are unique, they are cast brass and easily identified by their design.  If you think you have one, send me pictures and I will know
  3. The picture of the Newcomb carburetor says it all

If you have any of these items, please give me a phone call first so that I can avoid scammers.  Feel free to send me pictures and price to my email anytime.

   Chico, CA

24 Inch 32x4 Clincher Rims, Non-detachable, 4 Needed

I need 24 inch clincher rims. A early Model T Ford Front rims are 30x3 = 24 inch but the 3 inch are too narrow for my car so I need 32x4 rims. Thanks Mike West 585 738 1541

Looking for 1914 IMP Cycle Car

looking for a IMP cycle car 1913-1914. need a complete car restored, or unrestored, but prefer a complete car. email me with pictures, location, and asking price. this if for the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum in Fairbanks, Alaska. thanks for looking
   Fairbanks, AK US

Continental 7w engine or parts wanted

I’m looking for a continental 7W, 6 cylinder engine used in multiple makes and models between 1915 and 1920 to 21. I would also be interested in any parts for this engine.
   Moorestown, NJ

Vintage Automobile Wanted to Purchase

WTB Antique Cars or Motorcycles 1900 to 1960 [ ?? ] American, European, Japanese, in unrestored condition
   Jefferson City, Missouri US

David Bradley Tractor

looking for David Bradley tractor made from 1939 to 1941. Has a 5 horse power Briggs and Stratton engine. Small garden tractor type Also original Doodle Bug from 1946 to 1948.. phone Dave at 815 246 4545 Illinois thank you
   Earlville, IL

Looking for someone that does decorative glass carving.

I need to find someone that does glass carving on my wind wings on my 1932 Ford roadster.
   Riverside, CA

Simplex Jack Model 41

Looking for a Simplex Model 41 1-1/2 Ton Jack. Would prefer a jack with a brass data tag in good condition. Let me know what you have please.
   Pittsburgh, PA

1912/13 Buick

Wanted, Gearbox and clutch to suit 1912/13 Buick with the 201 cu inch motor, 108 inch wheelbase. Models 28, 29, 30, 31
   Turners Flat, NSW, Australia

Stewart Windshield Mount Drum Spotlight Wanted

Stewart windshield mount drum spotlight. 4" diameter. Has mirror on rear. Model number stamped on tag on rear of light is 182-a. Also want black and brass carbide generator
   Northbrook, IL

WTB Prewar Touring, Roadster, Sedan, Micro-car, Orphan, Oddball, W.H.Y.

Brass, nickel, pre-war. Pretty varied interests. Driver, no big projects. Reliable. 10 footers ok. West coast or Western Canada. Have 1950 Packard 23 series sedan Oregon car - robins egg blue to trade up-down-across. Great cruiser. Pics & details on request
   Port McNeill, BC Canada

Transport from PA to Mn

Looking for someone transporting from McConnellsburg Pa to MN with I little extra room for a Red Bug. It is basically a Go-Cart in size. 7ft long x 30” W x 41” H at the steering wheel. Less than 200 lbs. It is in need of restoration, so not so delicate.
   New Ulm, MN

Transportation Needed Helena Montana to Salt Lake City, Utah

I need a lightweight chain drive rear axle transported from Helena Montana to Salt Lake City Utah. If you are on your way down I-15 from Helena to SLC and have room. Please get in touch with me and I can share particulars. The acquisition of this rear axle will help an early project! Thanks
   Deseret, Utah

Delco Starter-Generator

Looking for a Delco Starter-Generator unit with the numbers 27 or 37 (or, MG27 or MG37) stamped into the steel casing (followed by a "-" and a 5 or 6 digit number). Please email details to:
   Corrimal, NSW Australia

1930-35 2 door

Looking for a 1930-35 2 door. Coupe or roadster. Make doesn’t matter but looking for a big car, 8 cylinder engine . 128” wheel base or greater. Looking for a car in unrestored or “work clothes” condition.
   Fillmore, Indiana

1914 Delco Starter/Generator

Need information on 1914 Delco starter/generator units that were installed on Oldsmobile, Cadillac and other cars. My Delco unit has MG41 and then the numbers 133532 stamped on the case. Not sure if that is the model and serial number or not. I’d like to correspond with anyone who has information or personal experience with these. Thanks, Ray
   Dillwyn, VA

Need Buick two cylinder original timer, latch, and channel.

Need Buick two cylinder original timer, latch, and channel.

Click photo for MORE Photos

Need the original latch and channel that holds the round wood timer cover door onto the wood body

Also, an original timer complete or parts.

Thanks in advance

   Amherst, OH

Wanted 1918 to 1920 Stutz Documentation

Looking for any documents such as owner's manual, parts book and sale brochure covering Stutz cars Models S, G & H. Let me know what you have please
   Pittsburgh, PA US

Rauch & Lang

I am restoring a 1916 Rauch & Lang BX6 and need a window lifting mechanism or just the centre part of it with the post that the leaver attaches to. I have an address in the USA that will accept delivery for me. Also looking for new running board scripted rubber treads; has anyone had these made?
   north boarhunt , fareham, Hampshire UK

Neverout license/lamp bracket.

Looking for the one that mounts on the cars 1/2” post, ment for the lamp, then has another post to the left for the lamp, and a bracket to the right for the plate. Could be original or a repro.
   New Ulm, MN

1907 Schacht Motor Buggy Steering column and steering box and Radiator.

Please help me put an early 1907 Schacht Motor Buggy back on track. I require a Ross steering box column. I also require a Brass Schacht radiator. Parts or leads also considered and appreciated. Will pay postage/freight. Thanks you!
   Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Wanted -Saxon Lamps

Wanted -Saxon Lamps

Click photo for MORE Photos

I'm looking for 2 of these lamps in good condition

These were used on my 1902 Crest when it was sold. This is all I have of one of them

They were made by Saxon Lamp CO. Please don't confuse these for Saxon made later. Thank you for any help.

   Livonia, NY

1914 Cadillac Cylinder Heads

Wanted: 1914 Cadillac cylinder heads, or castings, or contact with member having patterns. Thanks very much
   Chagrin Falls, OH

1915 or earlier American LaFrance 4 cylinder fire truck

I am looking for a 1915 or earlier American LaFrance fire truck. Please contact me. The more original the better of course. Thanks!
   Orange, CT

Sears Motor Buggy

Wanted, any original photos, ads or parts for the Sears Motor Buggy, 1939 thru 1941 Sears tractor made by David Bradley for Sears. This is a 5 horsepower, small garden tractor
   Earlville, IL

Sept/Oct 1970 HCCA Gazette Wanted

I'm looking for a Sept/Oct 1970 issue of the Gazette. The cover photo is a young couple with a red Stutz Bearcat. Thanks for checking your stock.
   Plymouth, MI US

Wanted: Gray & Davis, Model Y, Starter

Wanted: Gray & Davis, Model Y, Starter

Click photo to enlarge

Want to BUY: GRAY and DAVIS, Model Y, starter as shown in the picture.
Variations might occur. We desire for a 1916 Metz Model 25 but does not have to come from one

This starter was used on other cars too.

Will consider all conditions, even "for parts" items. If we have some luck. We can assemble one from parts found if a dream version does not appear.

   Port Townsend, WA

Cadillac 1912 Cylinder Head

Cadillac 1912 Cylinder Head

Click photo to enlarge

My 1912 Cadillac has cracks developed in both cylinders 3 and 4. I'm looking for one extra head to swap on my motor and get me back on tours. The part number on a 1912 head is 9220-B, 1911 heads are a close match, but would prefer to keep original to 1912.

Many thanks

   Melbourne, Australia 

Wanted anything on Marathon Automobile -Motor -Parts -Chassis -Anything!

Wanted anything on  Marathon Automobile -Motor -Parts -Chassis -Anything!

Click photo for MORE Photos

Looking for any parts:

  • Hubcaps
  • Radiator
  • Chassis
  • Brochures
  • Body
  • Letters
  • Full car
in any shape for Marathon automobile or Southern automobile made in Jackson Tennessee 1907 to 1914 for the Marathon Motor Works Museum in Nashville factory & Jackson Tennessee factory

Will pay a good finders fee for anyone knowing of a motor, chassis, or car or parts

Contact me by phone, email or USPS
1305 Clinton St. suite 100
Nashville TN, 37203

Visit for more photos

   Nashville, TN

Windshield Post Mounted Raydex Combination Spot Light and Mirror Wanted

Windshield Post Mounted Raydex Combination Spot Light and Mirror Wanted

Click photo for MORE Photos

Raydex Post Mounted Combination Spot Light and Mirror Wanted.  With nickel trim and black painted surfaces the spot light has a  6 3/4" outside diameter and the mirror has 4 1/8" outside diameter.  Overall the height is 10"

   Hardwick, MA

Mag/batt swtich, brass levers, momentary buttons and inclinometer wanted

Mag/batt swtich, brass levers, momentary buttons and inclinometer wanted

Click photo for MORE Photos

Restoring a 1930s Special racer. As you can see, we have had much success locating parts for the dash assembly. We are still looking for:

mag/batt switch (with unique black surround and no tickler button),
  1. Two brass levers (electrical?)
  2. Combination momentary buttons (I think)
  3. Inclinometer (possibly avaition?)

Thank you for any help and leads

   Owego, NY

Gray Tires 33x5 or 32x41/2

Gray Tires 33x5 or 32x41/2

Click photo to enlarge

All - Need to locate SIX Gray Tires for Classic Kissel Gold Bug Speedster as shown.

Must be 33 x 5" or 32 x 4 1/2" to fit my 23" rims.

Will consider used ones IF they can be treated to appear new.

Contact me by phone or email

Thank you

   Birmingham, MI

Remy Electric Starter

Remy Electric Starter

Click photo for MORE Photos

Remy Starter, used on many mid teens cars, I will buy one, or parts, or make parts???

Please Help. The car is finished, and not having a starter is like a dog without a tail!!!!  Thanks

   Orange, CT

Mid-Teens Warner Gear Steering Box

Mid-Teens Warner Gear Steering Box

Click photo to enlarge

Please help put an early Indy car back on the track

Looking for a mid-teens left-hand drive Warner Gear Co. steering box/column of the exact type as shown in the photo

I'm willing to consider partial boxes or even frozen up ones as well. Leads always appreciated!

Thanks very much

   Pecatonica, IL

Brass era gearbox for Itala wanted

I’m looking for a suitable gearbox to complete the 1906 Itala rolling chassis and engine I have

Please get in touch if you have something suitable. Thank you

   Saxmundham , Suffolk UK

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