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1936 Ford Stainless Steel Spider Hubcap, good restorable to restored condition. Need one to replace one that was lost .Cash or may have early 1910-12 Model T Ford parts to trade.
   Kenyon, Minnesota
Ad posted: : 07-21-2021

26 inch bead rings & lock ring

I am looking for two 26 inch bead rings and a lock ring for a Firestone rim. Any help is appreciated.
   Rochester Hills, MI
Ad posted: : 07-20-2021

ISO Hupmobile Model 20 High Headlight Forks

Looking for high headlight forks for a later Hupmobile Model 20 - mine is a 1911. I need a pair. These are the ones that mount to the top of the frame, and are about a 1 1/2' high
   Trumansburg, NY
Ad posted: : 07-16-2021

wanted vertical Dave 815 246 4545 Otto engine

want upright Otto model engine made by Wayne Grenning, other early engines Dave 815 246 4545
   Earlville, IL
Ad posted: : 07-16-2021

Sears Motor Buggy

Looking for any original photos, parts, and literature, upright antique slot machine, antique stationary gas engines.
   Earlville, IL
Ad posted: : 07-10-2021

Continental 8R Waterpump Impeller

I'm looking for a Continental engine 8R waterpump impeller, should be the same as 7R and some others. Would buy whole parts engine if necessary.
   Caledonia, WI
Ad posted: : 07-08-2021

1903-04 A model Cadillac block

Hi all I’m looking for a 1903-04 A model block motor #’s 1-2500 and or 3500-4018. I have a very nice model B block as part trade. As always any help great appreciate
   Mudgee, NSW, Australia
Ad posted: : 07-04-2021

Pierce- Racine T head motor

Wanted 1913 Pierce Racine 4 cylinder T head motor or jugs. Call or email. Thank You
   north salt lake, Utah
Ad posted: : 07-03-2021

23" wire wheels

Looking for a pair or complete set of Buffalo 23" wire wheels. What I believe are number 5’s
   Fillmore, IN
Ad posted: : 06-28-2021

Car Trailer Wanted

I would like to buy an all aluminum, open ,double axle, good quality,car trailer. Almost anywhere in Calif. ( or, maybe an enclosed one.)
   santa cruz cal. 95065, calif.
Ad posted: : 06-24-2021

Wanted; a "Taller Style" Running Board Tool Box

I am looking for one of those "taller style" running board tool boxes commonly used on Model T Fords.
   Sausalito, CA
Ad posted: : 06-21-2021

Wanted: Abbott-Detroit

Wanted: Abbott-Detroit

Click photo to enlarge

Need Abbott-Detroit radiator emblem

Also interested in sales and owners manuals or photographs for the 1914 6 cylinder models

Other Abbott-Detroit automobilia or Continental 6P motor considered

   Vicksburg, MI
Ad updated: : 07-10-2021

WTB: E & J Sidelamps.

Need a pair of two-tier E & J sidelamps. New reproductions would be fine or very good to excellent originals, ready to use. Don't have time for restoration work right now. Please send photo(s) and your price. Thank you.
   Lake Mills, WI
Ad posted: : 06-19-2021

1909 Pierce-Arrow 36UU"Mountain Wagon"

(3) George N. Pierce Hub Caps, (2) 25" Goodrich rims and lock rings, (4) 27" Goodrich lock rings (1907 Great Arrow), (1) Foss Hughes Eagle, (2) Brass rectangular rear view mirrors, (2) 1909 Pre-State Ca. License discs, (2) Mesh license plates/CAL, Grade Meter, (1) Boyco can 9"Deep x 7"Tall x 3"Wide.
   Northridge, CA
Ad posted: : 06-16-2021

Ford 08 SR parts wanted

  1. 1908 Ford SR left side hood former (steering column to passenger side)
  2. Front spring shackles
  3. Radiator cap
  4. Gas cap
Email contact preferred (little hard of hearing)
   Friday Harbor, WA
Ad posted: : 06-13-2021

Wanted: Dogleg Zee Windshield

Wanted: Looking for a quality brass dogleg windshield in very good original or restored condition. 41-44” wide.
   Mahwah, NJ
Ad posted: : 06-13-2021

WTB Smooth, no-rivet differential housing

I am looking for one half/one side of the smooth, no-rivet differential housing for a 1909 Model T. The half/side I need has the oil drain hole. I would alternatively be interested in purchasing both halves. Thank you
   Northville, MI
Ad posted: : 06-07-2021

Someone Who can Reproduce a 1920s Tail Lamp Lens

I have a thin plastic small tail lamp lens approx 3" x 1-1/2" which I would like to have someone make several replacements of.
   Northbrook, IL
Ad posted: : 06-06-2021

Wanted - Split Rim Jack

In need of a Split Rim Jack for 33 inch rims. Call Tom at 607 397 8327 or email at
   East Worcester, NY
Ad posted: : 06-06-2021

Wanted: Westinghouse No. 750 Starter

Wanted: Westinghouse No. 750 Starter

Click photo for MORE Photos

Looking for Westinghouse No. 750 Starter Motor with Magnetic Pinion shift as shown

   Smyrna, GA
Ad posted: : 04-25-2021

Wanted - 1922 Stutz Touring Top latches

Wanted - 1922 Stutz Touring Top latches

Click photo to enlarge

I need 2 usable latches that fasten the canvas top front header to the windshield posts for my 1922 Stutz KLDH Touring.

My rusty one is pictured below. It has a slider which engages the notch on the windshield post. There is a coil spring that the post presses against, and another smaller coil spring that keeps the slider engaged until it is pushed to release

Size is 2.5” across. Any help is appreciated.  May be used on other cars?

Found on 04-24-2021

   Los Altos, CA
Ad posted: : 04-24-2021

Brass era gearbox for Itala wanted

I’m looking for a suitable gearbox to complete the 1906 Itala rolling chassis and engine I have

Please get in touch if you have something suitable. Thank you

   Saxmundham , Suffolk UK
Ad posted: : 04-07-2021

Wanted: Model T Touring

Wanted to buy. Model T Touring Car ready to drive .... 1925-27 preferred but will look at any year

The closer to Michigan the better

Found on 5-1-2021

   Petoskey, MI
Ad posted: : 03-10-2021

Looking: Maxwell-Briscoe Fry Reflector / Knickerbocker Parts

Looking: Maxwell-Briscoe Fry Reflector / Knickerbocker Parts

Click photo for MORE Photos

Looking for a Maxwell-Briscoe Fry reflector

The mirror itself should be 6 1/2" in diameter, with the brass housing coming out to 8 3/8"

I am rebuilding the headlamps for which these reflectors go into. They are Knickerbocker headlamps, black and nickle plated

One is missing a rim, which has an outside diameter of 10". I also need another burner stem as shown in the picture

I may need a few other things, but those are the main ones. Would be interested in intact headlamps as well, as well as a Knickerbocker tail lamp

Thanks for looking!

   Waupaca, WI
Ad posted: : 05-12-2020

Rim tool and 27" Split Clincher Kelsey Rims

Rim tool and 27" Split Clincher Kelsey Rims

Click photo for MORE Photos

Would like to purchase one or two of these Kelsey split rim tools

Also one or two 27" Kelsey split clincher rims. They have a hinge with six barrels in the center for the hinge pin. The above tool is for use with this style rim

Can pick up rims at Hershey if not cancelled

In the states only please
Thanks in advance

   Amherst, OH
Ad posted: : 05-09-2020