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Want to Purchase A Vintage Automobile

I Want to buy a Classic Automobile 1900 to 1940, American - European - older restoration or original condition Thank You

Found on 10-13-2021

Found on 10-13-2021

   California or Missouri

Transportation Needed Minneapolis to Long Beach

Need to transport a car from Minneapolis to Long Beach CA. in the next 6 weeks. Length 145" height,with top up, 75" Please call Gary Griffin 507-649-7569
Contact: Gary Griffin
   Randolph, MN

Early Electric Car Sidelamps

Wanted: pair of early electric car sidelamps
   Northbrook, IL

33 X 4 1/2 Universal tread Whitewall tire

I am seeking one more 33 X 4 1/2 whitewall tire to complete a set. The tire can be used so long as it will look OK in the spare position. Ideally I would prefer one made by Universal.
I will be at Hershey in RWL-24 which is very near the HCCA tent.
   Hudson, FL

Wanted, Gehrig Tires, 34" X 4 1/2"

Gerhig tires, 34" x 4 ½". Need one, will take two. I will be at Hershey at RCD 38-40 from 5-8 Oct.
   Fairview Heights., IL

Tires wanted

Darrell in our Skagit /Snohomish Regional Group is looking for some 33 X 4 tires.
Further information can be obtained by calling him at: 360-746-8633
   Bellingham, WA

Wanted - One or Two Cylinder

We are looking for a one or two cylinder car to use for touring. Must be ready to go or almost. call or text me with details
   warren, NJ

Wanted 22 inch locking rim and split rim for 1908 Buick

I am in need of a locking rim and split rim for a 22 inch wheel for a 1908 Buick Model G, 2-cylinder
   Alexandria, VA

Haul my car from Omaha to Hershey

I need to haul one of my cars in an enclosed truck or trailer from Kansas City or Omaha to the Hershey meet Thank You Glen
   Plymouth, MA

Mid-Teens Warner Gear Steering Box

Mid-Teens Warner Gear Steering Box

Click photo to enlarge

Please help put an early Indy car back on the track

Looking for a mid-teens left-hand drive Warner Gear Co. steering box/column of the exact type as shown in the photo

I'm willing to consider partial boxes or even frozen up ones as well. Leads always appreciated!

Thanks very much

   Pecatonica, IL

1929 Ford 4 door title Wanted

Any state okay as long as it can registered in Michigan. Chuck Sharpe, Michigan 248-345-8555. Thanks
Contact: Charles
   Highland, Michigan

At Hershey Tues and Wed only see my wanted list of 1900-10 cars,parts.Lead?

At Hershey Tues and Wed only with a space. Wanted 1900-10 cars,parts,engines,chain drive axles,including Crestmobile, Orient, Brennan, De Dion Bouton, Aster, Dykes, Olds, Rambler, Neustadt- Perry, No name motors. Also steam and electric car frames, seats etc. Leads appreciated. Please share with friends.

Wanted for 1917 Marion-Handley

Urgently wanted: Generator and distributor for 1917 Marion-Handley model 6-40 with 6 cylinder Continental engine.

Ignition is Atwater-Kent with Westinghouse electricals. Water pump a bonus

Please contact with any leads
   Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Needed RAJO 4 valve rocker arms.

the 1923 RAJO ( 4 valve ) model A head had only the intake valves in the head. I need the rocker arms. Does anyone make a copy...could I borrow some to have them made? The rocker arm co. in Redding CA don't have any. Please contact me if you have any information, thank you.
   Grants Pass, OR

Need Left & Right water pump for 1915 - 1917 Cadillac

The only thing keeping my 1916 Cadillac off the road is the need for a pair of L & R water pumps. Please Help !!
   Santa Cruz, CA

Need for a 1911 T Torpedo

I am looking for a 1911T Torpedo Runabout: 1.Steering Colum 2.Frame Bracket to hold Colum. 3 Brass Head Lights 1911 Model 666 Will be at Hershey
   Bethlehem, CT

IHC Auto Buggy, 1909.

Steering wheel wanted. Must have usable wood rim. The 1909 is the flatter spider style as opposed to the later 1910 dished style.
   Rowville, AU

Pre 1919 Stutz bearcat speedster wanted.

I would like to buy an original, Stutz Bearcat speedster, pre 1919 in good running order. Restored, an older restoration would be considered. Please supply history if known, and evidence of date of build and some photographs showing car over all ,and both sides of engine. Thank you.

Wanted: White Steam Car

Looking for a 1907 - 1910 White Steam Car with Flowmotor. Preferably a car running or close to running.
I am writing a White Steam Car Book. We own late model Stanleys and want to experience the precision of a White Steam Car.
   Dallas, TX

Wanted - Pair of Early Door Latches for 1907 - 1908 Cadillac

Wanted - Pair of early Brass Era door latches for a 1907 - 1908 Cadillac. Handles optional. Size 3.25" x 2.25" x .5", with 1/4" square hole for handle peg. Center BRASS latch, not offset, not steel or nickle plated. Thanks
   Melbourne, FL

Move car from Olympia WA to East Coast

I have small car-103"WB, and want to get it to Jacksonville, Fl. It is WA, now..... move to Hershey, and store it for a few wks while I bring my trailer back to Jax and empty it, or, depending upon things, just deliver the car to JAX. or- meet it in Amelia Island- Mar 22. (not my fav)
   Olympia WA

Wig Wag Tail Light

Wig Wag Tail Light. Also, Want Willys-Knight Moving Piston Sleeve Cutaway Demonstrator model
   Northbrook, IL

1914 Locomobile Fenders

I am looking for a set of rear fenders for a 1914 Locomobile model 38. I will pay to borrow a pair. Call or text
   Berkeley Hgts, NJ

Willys Knight Sleeve Valve Engine Model

Willys-Knight Moving Piston Sleeve Cutaway Demonstrator model

Three 25" Firestone 3 Piece Rims and #521 Westinghouse Generator Wanted

Firestone 25" three piece rims wanted to purchase. I have three Kelsey-Hayes 25" rims to trade or two Firestone two piece rims to trade. Also looking for #521 Westinghouse Generator
   Hardwick, MA

Head and side lights wanted

I'm looking for a pair of head lights with 7' yolk spacing, a nice pair of side lights and a decent tail light, all driver quality. Any help much appreciated
   Mudgee, NSW, AU

1907 Maxwell parts

I'm looking for parts to assist with the restoration of a 1907 RS Maxwell runabout, need stub axle, tail shaft universals, Splitdorff coil box, anything else appreciated.
   Mudgee, NSW, AU

Wanted - Midland touring car or International Harvester

Wanted 1908 - 1912 Midland touring car in any condition or 1910 -1911 J -30 International Harvester Touring please call
   Kensington, OH

1911 Inter State 50 Water Pump

1911 Inter State 50 Water Pump

Click photo to enlarge

Looking for a waterpump for a 1911 Inter State "50"

Need the aluminum housing, but will certainly take a complete pump.

Thank you

   Plymouth, MI

1901-03 Pierce

looking for the person that purchased 1901-03 Pierce parts from Mr. Micheal Paul from Smartville CA , Please contact me. Thanks! - Don
   Holland, MI

Wanted: Abbott-Detroit

Wanted: Abbott-Detroit

Click photo to enlarge

Need Abbott-Detroit radiator emblem

Also interested in sales and owners manuals or photographs for the 1914 6 cylinder models

Other Abbott-Detroit automobilia or Continental 6P motor considered

   Vicksburg, MI

Brass era gearbox for Itala wanted

I’m looking for a suitable gearbox to complete the 1906 Itala rolling chassis and engine I have

Please get in touch if you have something suitable. Thank you

   Saxmundham , Suffolk UK