C. Allan (Skip) Carpenter : HCCA Board Member

My fond passion is putting on tours and seeing the enjoyment others get out of them. Brass is Beautiful

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HCCA Board Member Skip Carpenter

     Hi, my name is C. Allan (Skip) Carpenter Jr., and I am from Shrewsbury, MASS. Via Florida and Canandaigua, NY. I am a graduate of The University of Miami, FL, and Fitchburg State College, MA. I have worked as an electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, furniture refinisher, antiques dealer, teacher of Industrial Arts, and am Currently employed and owner of the Green Dragon Bindery where we restore antique books, maps, globes, and prints.

Now to the good stuff.

     I bought my first antique auto, a 1918 Overland, in 1972 but shortly fell in with the wrong crowd and was convinced to acquire a brass era auto, a 1912 Mod. 35 Buick. Finding that the Buick did not fulfill my needs, I next acquired a 1912 Mod. 43 Buick. Great car except that a steam bug bit me; so I got a 1913 Stanley roadster. Well not enough room so next came a 1912 Stanley 20 horse touring. All went well till my wife said she was tired of sitting in the car reading while I cleaned jets etc. so away it went and in came a 1910 Mod. 17 Buick.

     Turns out the Mod. 17 was a keeper along with its brothers and sisters which I have acquired since—1905 Buick 2 cyl., 1905 Cadillac touring, 1908 Buick Mod. S “t-head” 4 place roadster, 1910 Rambler Mod. 53 touring, and a 1911 Ford touring.