1912 Overland Model 59 Doctors Coupe


1912 Overland Model 59 Doctor’s Coupe

The body on this Overland has been hand made to scle from original drawing(8301) of the Doctor’s coupe as shown in the Overland brochures and parts lists. The chassis and mechanicals are Overland Model 59. The wheels are 23” instead of the standard 25” for the model 59, but are otherwise identical.

The chassis and mechanicals have been totally rebuilt. The radiator is original but has been cleaned and is good. Have fitted a modern starter motor, by mounting a ring gear on the flywheel, so my wife could drive it.   The battery is hidden under the drivers seat.

The interior is all Huon Pine woodwork, with tapestry upholstery, and Mahogany dashboard.    All the interior brass work – spark/throttle levers, door handles, window levers etc., have been “brass-gold” plated so that they don’t tarnish, but look like polished brass.  ( this is not lacquer, it is gold plating!). The doors are monogrammed with the international doctor’s symbol – staff with coiled snakes – in gold.

This car has only done perhaps 2000 Km since it was rebuilt. It has been on a Tasmanian rally, the Wangaratta Overland rally, and several other local runs.

It has LED indicators, and electric horns. The main horn is a brass very early electric/ veteran era horn, mounted in front of the radiator.   The other is a modern electric mounted underneath.  These are driven by a veteran rubber horn bulb through the usual flexible brass conduit, which drives a multi-stage pressure switch from a washing machine, so that with a gentle squeeze, only the “dulcet-toned” brass veteran horn sounds.  Squeeze harder and the harsher modern horn warns everyone off.

The lights are “Overland “ scripted acetylene head lamps, and E & J kerosene side and tail lamps.   There is a rectangular brass veteran acetylene generator inset in the left front mudguard.   The indicators are operated by a toggle switch discreetly hidden under the driver’s seat – under driver’s right leg, along with the starter button.

The ignition is a brass Bosch DU4, rewound, and the ignition “OFF” is by pulling the advance/retard lever all the way down in the retard position.

All the electrics, and battery are under the driver’s seat, but there are a couple of terminals under the bottom edge of the firewall for connecting a charger.   I have found that it will start for a number of days running without recharging.  The starter is really a quite low load on the battery.

The speedo is a brass Jones one driven from the RH front wheel.

The windscreen has a brass split-frame with the top half folding outwards.  The door windows operate through a large “brass gold” lever with three position – Down, Up-with a small ventilation gap, or Fully Up.  They slide up the inside of a small fixed glass window at the top.

It is my understanding that Overland didn’t build the bodies for the Doctor’s Coupe, the Opera Coupe, and the Light Delivery, even though they were listed in the brochures and parts lists.  I understand that the bodies were built to order by various out-side body builders, so apart from the standard body outlines, and the use of standard Overland chassis and other parts, the details would vary according to customer and body-builder preference.

There is only one other Doctor’s Coupe listed in the USA WOKR club register.  This was registered to a Canadian owner but the owner dropped out quite a few years ago, so it’s current state is unknown.    There are no others in Australia.

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