1915 White pickup truck ex Daytona Paddy Wagon

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An unusual and significant restoration project…1915 White pick up truck. Was the original Daytona FL Paddy Wagon !a ton of treasure and time was spent to strip and powder coat almost ever part of this vehicle leaving it in superb condition !

Superb Transmission, rear end ( solid Bronze!) and most of the 4-cylinder Lycoming engine ( they come up on the White forums every so often )

Great for a speedster conversion as the wheelbase is 120″  I trailered it home on a uhaul car trailer

Solid wheels with rims and tons of parts, all great solid sheetmetal and wonderful BrassRadiator and matching heavy duty Bonnet !

Exciting opportunidty to pick up a great pre-war truck/automobile.

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  • Contact Info: wacopsc@aol.com Paul Calantropo 617 834-9354 Orange Park FL
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