Collection of Packard Model 30 Engine Parts from Bob Erasquin's Estate

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Packard Model 30 engine parts from the Bob Erasquin Estate. Sold ‘as is’ but generally in very nice condition. More to follow.

  1. Upper L: Eight original brass lifter guides. Excellent condition, little wear observed. These match my 1909. Likely good for all years.1907-12. $500. Combine with #2 for $900.
  2. Upper R: Nine original steel tappets. Nice condition, little wear observed. Two missing adjustment bolts. $500. Combine with #1 for $900.
  3. Diag: 1910 UB camshaft. Undamaged, but tolerances not measured. Likely fits other years. $150.
  4. Lower L: 1910 UB Radiator Outlet Drain. Complete, untested, some wear. $100.
  5. Lower R: 1908-1912 Complete 8-piece Spark Plug Wire Insulators. Nice. $350.

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