2014 Marion Welch Award Winner
John Morrison

John Morrison, 2014 Marion Welch Award Winner   

     Marion Welch was a dedicated 20-year executive secretary for HCCA many years ago. Through illness, she continued her work. After she passed away, the National Board of Directors established an award in her honor to be given away every year to the person nominated by the regions and voted in writing by all Board Members.

     A very large trophy with the names of all prior winners is located in the San Diego Automotive Museum in Balboa Park. It is on the front counter in the museum library

     John Morrison's tireless dedication to HCCA exemplifies the spirit of the Marion Welch award. It has been said that John "Just keeps going and going" for HCCA. He has been a member of the HCCA since 1978. John was a National Board member for many years and contributed to many committees during his tenure. He also served as the HCCA Secretary, Vice President, President and Chairman of the Board for two years. Through his never-ending passion for HCCA our Club's membership numbers grew by over 10% while he was membership chairman. John believes you put a potential member behind the wheel of a horseless carriage, and they are hooked for life.

     In addition, John is dedicated to his local HCCA Region and enjoys touring and participating in antique car activities to support his Bay Area. He has been elected to every position in his Region including Tour Director and sponsors numerous tours each year spreading the joy of touring in a brass-era auto.

     John was the co-founder, board member and officer every year of the Western Gaslight 1 & 2 Cylinder Touring Register helping to preserve and use the earliest vehicles for their intended purpose of touring.

     He organizes the antique car entry in the Piedmont Parade of which he has been honored as Grand Marshal.

     His dedication has led him to accept the position of President of the newly formed Horseless Carriage Education Institution. This new organization's goal is to educate the public about the early years of the automobile and the importance of these vehicles in the history of our country.

     John's efforts and interest extend beyond our historic vehicle hobby. He served many years as the beloved principal of Piedmont Middle School and prior to his retirement the District honored him by naming the newly constructed gym at the middle school in his name.

     Recently John was further honored by the Ann Martin Center by being awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award. The Ann Martin Center inspires children and gives praises for even the smallest achievements. John does with children what spring does to cherry trees. Around John, children come into bloom.

     John is a very supportive and effective leader, a tremendous benefit to The Horseless Carriage Club of America and the 2014 Marion Welch Award Winner.

     Congratulations John and Happy Touring!