2017 Marian Welch Service Award Recipient
Gordon McGregor

Gordon McGregor 2017 HCCA Marian Welch Service Award Recipient

Congratulations to Gordon McGregor
2017 HCCA Marian Welch Service Award Recipient

   The Marian Welch Service Award is the Horseless Carriage Club`s highest honor awarded to individuals who`s dedication and service to HCCA and brass-era touring has had a huge impact on our Club and our hobby.

   Gordon has been a member of the National and Northern California Regional groups since 1984. During that time he has served the Northern California Region as:

  • Board Member of the Region for some 30 years
  • Swap meet chairman for 15 years and is co-chair for the NCRG swap meet in 2018
  • President for four terms
  • Served as Club Secretary and Vice President for numerous years
  • Bylaws committee chairman twice
  • Board Member of the Horseless Carriage Foundation: https://hcfi.org and served as its secretary lor nine years and has been its treasurer for the past three years
  • Member of the HCFI for many years
  • Co-host of the very successful 1989 HCCA National Convention in Sacramento
  • Participant in many NCRG and HCCA National Tours since 1984. (The McGregor’s co-hosted the 1986 1 & 2 Cylinder Old California Tour in the Delta area of California)
  • Hosted, along with his wile, Carolyn, many NCRG tours and events

In addition, Gordon

  • Represents the NCRG-HCCA in the educational outreach effort by teaching the class on Nash automobiles for the docent training program at the California Automobile Museum.
  • Researched and documented along witli his wife, Carolyn, the history of their 1908 Rambler. Tliis information was shared with the NCRG in its newsletter, The Brass Nuts, in August and November 2017
  • Preserves the NCRG-HCCA 16mm films of tours and events by maintaining them on computer disks. -Joined the forming Nash Car Club of America in 1970 and was a founding father and the first president of die Northern California Regional Group of the NCCA in 1973. Just recently he was part of the 100 year celebration of the Nash automobile at the Ironstone Winery in Murphys CA in September, 2017
  • Built a library in his home specifically to house Northern California HCCA's club memorabilia

Congratulationd Gordon and thank you for your dedication & service to HCCA and brass-era touring.

Who was Marian Welch?

   Marian Welch was a dedicated 20 year executive secretary for HCCA many years ago. Through illness, she continued her work. After she passed away, the National Board of Directors established an award in her honor to be given away every year to the person nominated by the regions and voted in writing by all Board Members. A very large trophy with the names of all prior winners is located in the San Diego Automotive Museum in Balboa Park. It is on the front counter in the museum library