2018 Marian Welch Service Award
Request For Candidates

Each year the HCCA requests Regional Groups, Affiliate Registries and individual members nominate candidates for the HCCA`s highest organization award:
Marian Welch Service Award (A list of the past winners is in the HCCA Roster).

This award is presented to a member(s) who has demonstrated truly outstanding service to the HCCA. It is to recognize a member who has contributed their time and effort to make our organization the best in the antique car hobby. The award is NOT a popularity contest, but is intended to honor individuals who have rendered substantial service to the HCCA. A candidate must have been an HCCA member for a Minimum number of years (10 years); Involved at a Local and / or National level; Held Leadership role(s); and demonstrated truly outstanding service; dedication, consistent, and continuing substantial service over the years.

Annually candidates are sought for the award from the membership. This year, to allow more time for review, the request to members for nominees has been moved earlier with notice through multiple club communications. Any member or group of individuals wishing to submit a nominee should send their nomination information to the Awards Committee at the HCCA office by September 20, 2018.

Any nomination for the Marian Welch service award should include but not be limited to, the following types of information about the proposed candidate:

  • Membership
  • Leadership
  • Activities
  • Amount and types of Service at the local and National level
  • Promotion of club values and Helping of others / Mentoring

Due Date: Nominee applications and information on the individual(s) must be received at the HCCA office by September 20, 2018.

Format of Application: Though there is no formal format; the key factor is to give a clear concise explanation of the long term contributions that the individual has made to HCCA over many years.

Delivery: Nominee candidate information should be sent to the Award Committee Chairperson at the HCCA office:
1301 North Manship Place
Meridian, ID 83642

Who was Marian Welch?

Marian Welch was a dedicated 20 year executive secretary for HCCA many years ago. Through illness, she continued her work. After she passed away, the National Board of Directors established an award in her honor to be given away every year to the person nominated by the regions and voted in writing by all Board Members. A very large trophy with the names of all prior winners is located in the San Diego Automotive Museum in Balboa Park. It is on the front counter in the museum library