Calendar Event - Celebration of Brass

“Celebration of the Brass Car” 
Inaugural Tour, Show and Swap Meet

July 16th to 20th, 2021 / Hickory Corners, MI
Sponsored by: The Museum of the Horseless Carriage
Host: Kevin Fleck 269-830-6174

Mama and Baby REO Shown at The Celebration of Brass

The history of Baby REO and Mama REO is long and diverse but the good news is that they were reunited in 2008 and put into the R. E. Olds Transportation Museum in Lansing, MI. Through the efforts of that museum’s new executive director Scott Mrdeza Baby REO is now running with its original gasoline power plant and Scott has agreed to bring Mama and Baby REO to The Celebration of Brass @ the Gilmore Car Museum on July 16-17 for the museums kickoff festival.


In 1904 R.E. Olds, the founder of the REO Motor Car Company, had left his earlier enterprise, the Olds Motor Works, where he built the famous curved dash Oldsmobile.  In 1906 Mr. Olds commissioned his engineers to create a perfect running miniature of the REO Model A touring car. The baby REO is exactly ½ scale and was a marketing bonanza for the fledgling car company as it toured the country along with its full sized “Mama” REO counterpart. BY 1907 REO was the third largest car company by production volume in the USA.

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