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Need Parts For 1909 Buick model 10 Runabout I

Click photo for MORE Photos

Need parts for my 1909 Buick Runabout, including:

  1. Side lamps
  2. Carbide generator
  3. Rear brake parts
  4. Horn
  5. Misc. other parts
Motor is rebuilt
   Fair Oaks, CA,
Wanted a set of transmission gears for a 1909 REO model G planetary gear box
   Ayr, QAU,
Wanted: 4 Cylinder Dual Delco Distributor

Click photo to enlarge

Looking to buy a 4 cylinder dual Delco distributor

Also interested in spare caps

   Rancho Mirage, CA,
Seeking this custom body, removed from 1913 Lozier

Click photo to enlarge

This custom body was put on this 1913 Lozier Briarcliff chassis when new

  • In 1954, the car went on the Anglo-American Rally
  • In 1959, Donald Harter bought it, removed this body and had a new, authentic Briarcliff body built, which the car wears today
    But Harter did not discard this body. At some point it passed through the hands of an east coast broker, and today its whereabouts are unknown

If you've ever even caught a glimpse of this body in the last 60 years, please contact me and help the current owner return the body to the same stable as the chassis it originally occupied

   Mount Joy, PA,
The Kenmore automobile was Manufactured in Chicago IL from 1910-12. The two cylinder car was offered either water or air cooled.

Looking for a chassis or parts thereof and other needed parts. What have you?

A HCCA member recently purchased the remains of a water cooled Kenmore. Thanks
   Amherst, OH,
Wanted to Purchase , Pre-War Classic , Vintage Automobile / Motorcycle any condition .. American , European , Japanese ..
   California, MO,
I am looking for any information and the location of existing G.J.G. Cars of White Plains, New York.
   Moon Township, PA,
Wanted, 1914 Cadillac Parts Book or facsimile of entire parts book
   South Hero , Vermont,
Looking for a wicker umbrella holder and attachments. Best to email me, (as always)
   Oakdale, MN,
Windshield Clips for Side Curtains

Click photo to enlarge

Want to buy clips as shown in the attached photo

These clips attach the front side curtains to the windshield on a 1913 Model T

Would like to purchase at least 4 clips, but would purchase more if available

   Alpharetta, GA,
All white Universal tires 34x4, NOS or good used Can pick up at Bakersfield Swap Meet or National HCCA Convention & tour in Reno
   Boise, Idaho,
Wanted: Maxwell No. 4 Script Tail Lamp

Click photo to enlarge

Looking for a Maxwell No. 4 Tail Lamp. A complete lamp is desired, but parts might be acceptable

I already have a bracket for mounting so that should not be needed, but if one is associated with a lamp someone has, I would look at that as well

Thanks for looking

   Waupaca, WI,
Looking for any Renault AX clutch part, including aluminum cone clutch, steel mating ring, or spring. Would settle for photos and/or dimensions for reproduction.
   Naugatuck, CT,
Looking for a pair of Castle Model 1208 headlamps and parts/complete Solar Model 858 headlamp(s). These will have about a 9 inch fork width. No-name equivalents would be considered. Thanks for looking!
   Freeland, MI,
Need a set of three hole mount brackets. 2" center to center top to bottom hole. Inside hole 1-3/8" center to center of either top or bottom hole. Need for 1908 F Buick. Thanks Charley
   Amherst, OH,
Wanted - small brass E&J clock made by Vic Billstrom
   Ocala, FL,
Looking for 1 connecting rod for an early Locomobile Steam engine. Serial number of the engine is mid 400’s. The engine was made by Mason Regulator Model 70
   Topsail Beach, NC,
I believe someone was making this tank. If you can help PLEASE contact me. Stu Laidlaw
   Redding, CT,
What manufacture of engine

Click photo for MORE Photos

Could anyone help with manufacturer, model, and date of this engine

Would be most grateful; it's not the correct engine for 1904 Model Car

   Harrogate, YorkshireEngland,
I need a transmission for a double chain-drive car project. Preferably European, however any suitable transaxle to get the car operational after so many years of rusting away in the outback of Australia would be a great boon. All replies will be answered, and all assistance greatly appreciated.
   Earlwood, NSW,
I Need Just One Window Crank Handle!

Click photo to enlarge

I'm looking for just one more Window Crank Handle as pictured to complete the interior of my 1919 Model 51 Pierce Arrow Suburban

These are made of nickel plated brass and were used in the late teens Pierce Arrow closed cars

The measurement from the center of the square hole to the center of the winding knob is 2.375". A very similar handle was made of pot metal by the "Perfect Window Reg Co" and has that name and NO 120 cast in the back of the mounting flange

I am needing a brass one as pictured and NOT a pot metal one. The nickel plating condition is not important

Thanks for looking!

   Vancouver, B.C.Canada,
Wanted : One 1925-26 Marmon drum headlight.
    gold coast, Queensland, AU,
Wanted! Early, any make, need Crankshaft, cylinder jugs, rods & pistons from the same engine, as I am making casting pattern's for having a special crankcase casted, and planning to use mentioned parts for the new crankcase. If you have parts mentioned Please contact me - Thanks!
   Holland, MI,
Grey & Davis used them in 1913 on Pope Hartford & Reo and some other make cars. I have the "starter" but need the "starter motor" and the dynamo. Email me and I will forward pictures of them.
   Minden, nv,
I’m looking for a set of 4 34" x 4" roller "used" tires for a project car I'm working on. West coast preferred.
   Redding, Ca,
Need only 2 or will buy a whole set. Will take clincher or straight side.
   Orange, ConnecticutUn,
Looking for 2 33x4 straight side roll around tires for my newly purchased 1912 Hup model 32 touring car. Also looking for parts for same Need spare tire carrier, original radiator cap, windshield swivel brackets ect. Thanks for any and all leads.
   Huntington, Ma.,
Interested in/wanted any parts, literature, memorabilia for the Oldsmobile Defender. I just recently acquired a 1913 Defender, and as you all know it is impossible to have too many part or literature for it. Any leads would be great please call, text, or email.
   Schwenksville, PA,
Pope-Hartford Dash Plaque and Klaxon Brass Horn  Wanted

Click photo to enlarge

Looking for a Pope-Hartford name plate that would've been on the dash of a Pope in the 1911 time period

There were no numbers stamped, just the company name. Prefer one in good original or restored condition

The Klaxon horn needs to be complete, working and in decent shape. It should include the mounting bracket and preferably be set up for mounting on the left side of the cowl

Thanks for any leads as well!

   Waxhaw, NC,
Auto buggy bought new by Albert Lee, my great grandfather in Lone Oak, GA. Car stored in family barn till 1982 when it was handed down to me Sometime in 1930's some mischievous hooligans stole the lamps. Car is now restored and running well. Looking for a pair of lamps. All leads appreciated.
   Lakemont, GA,
Chevrolet Quota trophy radiator cap wanted
   Northbrook, ILUn,
Looking for a Bosch twin spark 12 wire magneto
   Fillmore, In,
I need coil for Briggs and Stratton motor wheel or what can be used. Will buy any other parts for the above
   earlville, ilinois,
I need just one100 MM Rudge Whitworth wire wheel to finish a project. Either complete wheel or just the center hub will work. Thanks!
   Waxhaw, NC,
I look to purchase a 4 cylinder Roadster or Speedster, prior 1915 in good original condition complete accessories and good runner. Older restoration considering with regular updated maintenance will be acceptable. Location in Eastern part of N.A. Please contact Andrew at;
   St- Hippolyte, Quebec, Canada,
Searching for my grandpa Dick Hornung's 1909 Buick Model 10. He lived in Cheney Nebraska, near Lincoln, and owned the car much of his life. Sold sometime in the 1990s. May have been sold to Homer Edmiston, who could've resold it later. I'd love to find the car and buy it back! I have photos of it!
   Valparaiso, Nebraska,
I have a badly cracked crankcase and am looking for a replacement. I understand they were reproduced a number of years ago and hope someone has one they don’t need.
   Sheboygan Falls, WI,
Cylinder + Cylinder  head for Cadillac "thirty" 1911

Click photo for MORE Photos

Searching for a cylinder + Cylinder head for a 1911 Cadillac "thirty" for my father-in-law's Cadillac

I also need the valves. Cylinder measures 4.5 inches wide

These measure 114,3 mm

I need one OR an address where they can repair it. The problem is there is a leak in the cylinder head

Thanks in advance!

Any / All help fixing is appreciated and welcome!

Greeting from the island Ameland in the Netherlands

Found on 03-30-2020

   Nes, Friesland, NL,
For 1916 Cadillac try to find 2 - 37 x 5 Kelsay Hayne rims and lock rims,
For 1931 Lasalle or Cadillac sediment gaz glass bowl only,
For 1930-1 Oakland 1 or 2 front parking lamp lens.
   Hallandale, Florida,
I am need of a Maxwell 2 cylinder engine block as mine has a non repairable crack. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve-call 678 697 9727
   Marietta, Ga.,
Oil lines and brass nuts for a 2 cylinder Maxwell 1910 AA. Call 800-952-0038 8:00 to 5:00 Central Time and ask for Pete.
   Hartford, SD,
ca. 1913 McCUE rear axle and wire wheels. ca. 1916 HOUK and RUDGE wire wheels or hubs.
   Minneapolis, MN,
Am interested in purchasing a 1919 or 1920 or 1921 Ford Model T Coupe (sometimes called a doctor's coupe). Restored or unrestored.
   Columbia City, IN,
Need a square body, three tier, round font solar tail light in decent condition.
   Shrewsbury, MA,
Wanted If anyone is replacing the top on a 1914 Ford Touring I need an old tattered but usable top. I have bows and irons but would consider a complete package.
   north salt lake, utah,
1904 Ford Water and Gas tanks

Click photo for MORE Photos

I am looking for original water and gas tanks for my 1904 Ford, we will pay good money to get these original parts

if you need any more information about these tanks please email me

I really need these tanks, marking found was an accident

   Neerim, string,:AU,
Unique Primer Cup Wanted

Click photo to enlarge

I am looking for a primer cup or parts thereof like the one in the photo

Have three - just need one

Has an accommodation for Prestolite gas starter tube

Fits a 1912 Marmon, but no doubt many others

   Santa Cruz, CA,
Parts Needed for American Underslung Restoration

Click photo for MORE Photos

Wanted: for 1914 American Underslung Type 644
  1. Electro light switch or similar period light switch as shown in photo
  2. Dash Light or similar period dash light as shown photo
  3. Four hood latches as shown in photo. These latches were also used on condenser Stanley's and likely other teen age cars
  4. Muffler as shown. Has cast iron ends and the cutout is made into the front end of the muffler. It is approximately 5-6 inches in diameter and about two feet long
  5. Need a few NOS Nickel Plated Common Sense Curtain fasteners
  6. Top snaps stamped with AMC logo
   Smyrna, GA,
Wanted: Stacked Clamped Top Bow Holders & Brackets

Click photo to enlarge

Looking for a matched pair that holds 4 top bows

My measurements on drawing are approximate

   Minden, NV,
Wire Wheel Hubs And Identification

Click photo for MORE Photos

Looking for hubs for these wire wheels:

  • 2 front
  • 1 rear

Also a wrench to fit the hub caps and an Identification of the wheels

   Plattsmouth, NE,
Presto Lite Tank Wanted

Click photo to enlarge

Looking for a Presto Lite tank

Measures approximately 14" long by 4" in diameter

As shown in picture. With or without brackets

   Northbrook, IL,

Looking for a 1928-33 Franklin 4 door sedan or open car

  • Vehicle must be in good running and driving order for future touring
  • Mechanically reliable
  • Fully restored or older restoration OK but no projects
  • Simple safety upgrades OK
  • Interior should be intact and body and paint presentable as a driver
Not looking for any preservation class cars or ones needing major work. Side mounts a plus.

Text or email please (Really bad hearing) I am a member of the Franklin Club with hopes to make it to West Trek or Cazenovia next year.

Found through lead from someone who saw HCCA add and introduced me to a seller who doesn't use any internet

   Springtown, TX,
1905 ERA Search/Spot light

Click photo to enlarge

Looking for a vintage Spot/Search light

Self generating is preferred but just one option

Send pictures and a detailed accurate description

Found in under a week on

   Wrightsville, PA,