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Presto Lite Tank Wanted

Click photo to enlarge

Looking for a Presto Lite tank

Measures approximately 14" long by 4" in diameter

As shown in picture. With or without brackets

   Northbrook, IL,

Looking for a 1928-33 Franklin 4 door sedan or open car

  • Vehicle must be in good running and driving order for future touring
  • Mechanically reliable
  • Fully restored or older restoration OK but no projects
  • Simple safety upgrades OK
  • Interior should be intact and body and paint presentable as a driver
Not looking for any preservation class cars or ones needing major work. Side mounts a plus.

Text or email please (Really bad hearing) I am a member of the Franklin Club with hopes to make it to West Trek or Cazenovia next year.

Found through lead from someone who saw HCCA add and introduced me to a seller who doesn't use any internet

   Springtown, TX,
1905 ERA Search/Spot light

Click photo to enlarge

Looking for a vintage Spot/Search light

Self generating is preferred but just one option

Send pictures and a detailed accurate description

Found in under a week on 06-17-2019

   Wrightsville, PA,
I need a working ammeter and a 8 days clock.
   Knokke-Heist Belgium Be,
Engine 4 cyl monoblock, non det. top, open flywheel with fan blades, aluminium crankcase, magneto driven by traversal drive shaft like veteran Fiats, bore 110 stroke 160mm, 6 litres, waterpump at register cover in front. For the 35/50 hp SPA car.
   Aurdal Innlandet N,
Wanted Nash door latch spring for driver door

   Fairview, OR,
Looking for an end housing for a 1912 Cadillac self starter motor.
Mine has broken in half (The end that has the gear that connects to flywheel)
Any other starter parts also wanted, including Brushes and wearing parts.
Any help would be greatly Appreciated.
   Mangrove Mountain, nsw, Australia,
Wanted full set of rear and front wooden wheels and 4 28" lock ring rims to fit straight sided tyres, hubs not required, if wooden wheels not available rims will still be helpful
   Howden Yorkshire UK,
I am looking for the Detachable Cylinder Head on DH Engine 361 cubic in (16 valve, 4 cylinders) for a 22-23 Stutz Bearcat Model K.
   Dearborn, MI,
Need doors, fenders and windshield
   Claremont, NH,
One or more Geo. N. Pierce disc hub caps, Warner 2 to 1 Right hand speedometer Drive and 71 or 72 wheel gear, single tube four note Gabriel whistle, whistle valve, Voiler Dragon 811 or 812 bulb horn, rear luggage rack, spare Auto Coils,Yale cabinet locks/key, any additional spare parts for this car.
   Northridge, CA,
1905 to 1910 Reo gas pedal
   Figtree, Australia,
Looking for a 8 inch Rushmore (c8) searchlight to suit brass car and match an existing 6 holes either side of smoke chimney and flared front rim
   Park Orchards Victoria AU,
I need top irons and bows for my 1917 Overland model 90, Country Club. Text or email pictures.
   Prescott ,AZ,
Wanted 4 or 5 matching blackwall 35x5 tires.
Need to be usable for driver
   Sonoma, CA,
My ’09 EMF -in-a-basket project is getting to the roll it around stage. I could use 4 worn out tires as long as they will not burst with a few lbs of air! The 60+ yr old Firestones on the rims are fossilized, marked 33 X 4 105/635. I am in NJ - Thanks
   Sparta, NJ,
Wanted: Complete, original, and in very good condition-
E and J black and brass taillight as supplied on 1913 Model T Fords.
One original brass hubcap for 1913 Model T.

   Newton, NJ,
for 1897 springfield roadster 50 in. high wheel bike. pair of usable reciprocating pedels or someone who has drawings or can manufacture same
   Eugene, OR,
Need 6cyl Mercer parts would be interested in just about anything regards
   Gold Coast, Queensland, AU,
Looking for a speaker tube complete for 1906 era car
   Trumansburg, NY,

Can somebody tell the main sizes (height, width, the windows and doors size) of the 1913 Cadillac Coupe body?

I would like to talk to / meet owners of any surviving cars

   Kyiv UA,
I need a Brass Maxwell Tail light for my 1912 Roadster.
   Milan KS,
Looking for contact information for the Galloway truck chassis that was in the building at Chickasha
   LaPorte City. IA,
Need electric headlights, sidelights, taillights, and any related gauges for early to mid-teens automobile.
Contact: bob Sullivan
   Olympia WA,
Looking for an early exhaust manifold for a 1912 Model T. This would be the one that is straight through and the rear edge is not tapered for the flare found on later exhaust pipes. The early style requires a packing to help keep the exhaust pipe in place and not leak.

   Goshen, IN,
E&J 666 Ford script carbide headlamp wanted
   Northbrook, IL,
Looking for 4 or 5 24 inch rim size tires tubes and liners I beliveve they are 33 by 4.5 or 32 by 4 please correct me if I am wrong. I just got a 1917 Willys 89-6 touring parked in 1932 with a blown trans trying to get up on tires again. Can be worn out just need to hold air. Thanks
   Victoria, BC, Canada,
Boyce Moto Meter radiator temperatures gauge. 3 3/8".
Unfortunately l dropped mine and broke the body from the bace, one glass and alcohol tube so parts may suffice.
   Alfredton Victoria, ,
Looking for a good useable radiator for a 1909, 1910 Buick Model 16 or 17. Any leads would be appreciated.
   Mahwah NJ,
Looking for an early (1911 - 1915) style Triumph fuel gauge that mounts in the top of the fuel tank. These stick gauges came in different lengths with the float inside the stick tube. The top of the gauge had the needle and dial to read the fuel level.
   Waxhaw, NC,
looking for 40 hp or larger chassis for speedster build
Must include engine trans and rear- not looking for just frame.
something like a National comes to mind, but no preference on make.
Have a car you’ll never get to? Love to get it on the road
   Mount Laurel, NJ,
Wanted ... Houk 27" wheel. Must be in good condition.
Will pay well for quality item
   Alfredton Victoria, CA,
I am looking for a few parts for a NRS Ford car.
I need the universal ball and clamp, a timer and a water pump.
   St. Peters MO,
Hello, I am looking for a Early Prest-O-Lite Acetylene bottle with End Gauge for our 1913 Autocar. Any condition is fine as long as its complete.
   Glendora CA,
Looking to buy 30 h.p. boiler & burner engineering prints , new or previous used. Thanks! - Don
   Holland MI,
Need a good used enclosed car trailer to fit a 1913 Model T Touring - top up
   Salem, OR,
Looking for a single twist right hand drive brass bulb horn with a bracket having 1/4" holes 3 3/4" apart. Willing to trade a Rubles four twist, left hand drive horn with same bracket dimensions.
Looking: Maxwell No. 4 tail lamp.
Looking: 1912/13 Jones speedometer.
Contact with either method.
   Waupaca WI,
I am restoring a 1920 B&S Flyer. Have all the bearing parts, except two inside inner races. The ID is about 0.53”. They use 1/4” inch balls. This is a long shot, but does anyone have two?
   New Ulm Mn,
I have 6 new 35 x 5 tires, still wrapped, that need a ride to north of Seattle or anywhere on the west coast. I`ll be attending the Bakersfield swap meet in 2 weeks if anyone from the Tallahassee area is going to be there. Will help pay expenses.
   Surrey, BC, CA,
I need covered car transportation from Greely Co. to Minneapolis anytime before June. Enclosed trailer only. Can meet in Des Moines if you are not going this far north. Will pay expenses.
   Randolph, MN,
I’m working on a1926 Locomobile Jr8 90hp. I need a 90 hp. motor, a complete front axle with braking system in place, and very good radiator. Thank you.
   Midway, KY,
Retired automobile museum director with limited funds wishes to purchase automobile to drive and share with the community. Do you have an early car that you no longer use or is part of an estate?
   Chagrin Falls, OH,
A friend is looking for a brass-era roadster, preferably 30 - 60+ hp, not a T, and preferably an older or recent restoration or very good original (though even a car requiring restoration might be considered). Anywhere in N. America or Europe. Please call, text or email me, initially. Thank you
   Hillside, NJ,
Looking for any Lozier parts available. What do you know of, or have that will help me complete my Lozier project? I have collected Lozier parts for more than 40 years, but still need more parts. Interested in a motor, transmission, front or rear end, radiator, steering, or what have you. Thanks
   Burien, WA,
looking for a large hp chassis that is relatively complete for a speedster build.
what do you have that you`re not using? prefer early.
   Mt Laurel, NJ,
Looking for lamps appropriate for a 1913 Maxwell model 30, side lamps and tail lamp. Horn as well if anyone has or knows of one.
   Waupaca, WI,
Single or pair of Solar model 56 sidelamps
   Northbrook, IL,
Wanted a center crankshaft main support casting for a N-R-S engine.
Contact: Rudy Rathert
   Forman ND,
I will pay good money for an unrestored or a survivor of a 1903-1904 A Model Ford 8hp or 10hp
   Neerim Victoria,