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Brought to you by The Horseless Carriage Club!

   I am sure that every Horseless Carriage enthusiast has held impromptu presentations of our rare and beautiful automobiles. Sometimes it comes in the form of a friendly wave and a honk, other times a crowd at a lunch stop, or a red-to-green light conversation at an intersection. Many have also done formal presentations and classes at schools, scout troops, and other places, either individually or by local club or region. Not only is this loads of fun, but it pays dividends to our club in almost every way - it will involve all members in enjoyable activities, increase public enthusiasm, and gain membership. With a brass car, every event cannot help but be an educational event.

   Take a look at some of our video offerings; check out our lesson plans and course materials. Try them and please, please, give us feedback.  All can be reached from the education drop-down menu at the top.

   Under the VIDEO icon you will find a number of real-life videos of our members as they take us through their automobiles. We hope to expand this into a significant library over time. If you would like to star on our site with your favorite car, call or e-mail me and we`ll audition you!

   Under the LESSON PLAN icon, you will find a section with a downloadable HCCA Lesson Plan. This one is fairly complex, but may be easily trimmed to fit the needs of your audience simply by deleting the finer points and omitting sections to instruct children and young people who have no background on our autos. If you are speaking to adults, you may wish to give it all to them, time and interest permitting. Also, we have a very good Educational Unit entitled From Horse-drawn to Horseless Carriages especially formulated to conform to the National Council for Social Studies and National History Standards. This unit is produced primarily for grades 3 through 6 and comes with a video, Power Point Student Fact Sheet, Regional Group Presentation Guide, and a Teacher`s Presentation Guide. Ask about it! Click the Feedback menu choice on the Education Menu to reach Bill Carpenter, HCCA Education Chairman about Horseless Carriage Education.