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1910 Buick Model F Paint Scheme

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I am to the point of painting color on my 1910 Buick Model F, Serial #15362, Feb-March `1910 production I think. Can any of you folks that have already researched this enlighten me as to the pin-striping scheme and color numbers for the body, and pinstripes. I think in 1910 Buick was reducing the detail on the model F, the last sort of left over year for the car. Cheaper lights for sure. Was there still pin-striping on the frame, springs, axles, and or wheels. How about the body. I have seen some with maroon body color, Paint number ??, black paint on the 5/8 moldings with pinstripes on the molding and adjacent to it. What is correct for 1910. Color of pinstripes??? I really appreciate any and all information you can give me. I would like to do it correct the first time and not reinvent the wheel since many of these late Model F's are around with a lot having been restored. Thank you very much. John

john a goedeken

Posted : March 29, 2018 8:09 am