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Transport of classic cars in Canada in enclosed trailer (Ontario to Quebec)

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Dear classic car enthusiast

I am a classic car collector from Germany. I bought an antique car (1904 Eldredge) at an auction in Earlton, North Ontario. This has to be transported from Earlton to Montreal in the next days/weeks.

I am looking for someone who can do this transport with an enclosed trailer or truck. The vehicle is the size of a golf cart and weighs approximately 1100 pounds. It is rollable but does not drive under its own power.

Who can make me an offer for the transport or knows a contractor who can offer me this transport.

Kind regards from Germany

Clemens Heddier

Pascherhook 34
48653 Coesfeld

1903 Knox
1913 Cartercar
1914 Cadillac
1922 Detroit Electric
1931 Cadillac 370

Posted : September 3, 2022 9:16 pm