2019 Holiday Motor Excursion Tour

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Tour Highlights

On a beautiful sunny morning in December over 250 antique cars gathered in the park in Arcadia, California. The cars were awesome to look at and talking to their owners about them was special. There were cars from all eras, horseless carriages, classics, muscle cars, antique motorcycles and many others eras. Jay Leno even came by in one of his cars with a tremendously large engine.

Arcadia Park was a new venue for this car show and it was a very beautiful one. The large trees, grass and flowers made a great backdrop for viewing and taking pictures.

After being shown to everyone, cars that were made prior to 1932 went touring. This year the cars toured past lots of great old Craftsman style homes on their way to the coffee and donut stop at McDonald Park. They also went along the top of the rim of the canyon where the floats were being prepared for the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day.

Many cars and their owners found their way to Clearman’s restaurant where lunch was served. The cars in the parking lot drew a large crowd to look at them. Next it was off to one of our member’s home in Pasadena for desserts. Looking at all of his great antique cars and memorabilia is always a lot of fun.

A large thank you to the Southern California Region of the Horseless Carriage Club and all of the volunteers that worked so hard for giving us another great day of cars and fun.