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2012 HCCA National Convention

February 15 - 22, 2012

Van Nuys, California

(Special thanks to Bill Carpenter, Carol Hoagland,
Don Plumb and Marilyn Balduff
for recapping the Convention and sharing these photos.)


Art, Autos & Hobbies

     This morning's expedition led us to the Getty Museum. This is one of the largest art museums in the United States. It has on exhibit everything from the oil paintings of the old masters, paintings of the modern artists and all eras in between. There is much sculpture to look at as well as gorgeous gardens. When you stand on one of their outdoor patios, you can see clear across Los Angeles to the Ocean. Lunch was served in one of their many restaurants.

     In the afternoon, the group visited the Petersen Museum on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. Here cars are displayed amongst movie sets and also in large galleries. The backdrop for all of these cars is an art-deco department store of the 1930's.

     The evening was filled with a show of alternate hobbies. Members brought their collections of very interesting and beautiful items to look at. There were over thirty collections on display. There were antique ladies hats, toy trains, sterling silver napkin rings, leather license plates, antique floor sweepers, a spark plug collection, antique ladies purses, etc., etc.

     After looking at all of these treasures, dinner and entertainment was served in the grand ballroom. There was a buffet dinner. After dinner, Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys performed songs from the 1900s to the 1930s. It was a very fun evening.

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