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2012 HCCA National Convention

February 15 - 22, 2012

Van Nuys, California

(Special thanks to Bill Carpenter, Carol Hoagland,
Don Plumb and Marilyn Balduff
for recapping the Convention and sharing these photos.)


Cars, Stars and the Birthplace of Los Angeles

     Early in the morning the group boarded busses for the Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar, California. This is a beautiful automotive museum with award winning cars at every level, the Lower Salon, the Grand Salon, Mezzanine and a large building across the street. The group not only looked at all of the cars, but they also went into the automotive restoration areas and observed cars under repair. Then, there was the music room filled with a grand Wurlitzer pipe organ, working orchesterans that were played, beautiful grand pianos and even a collection of vintage watches.   To finish up their visit, they toured the antique engine and Pullman train car that was located outside.

     Lunch was served by the ladies of St. Stephen's Church in the fellowship hall. Tables were decorated with white tablecloths and vintage brass lamps. The lamps were on display from Red Ladner's vast collection of brass lamps. In addition to lunch, there was a presentation of the stained glass window created by artist, Roger Darricarrere, located in the sanctuary. This window was created for the 1963 World's Fair and displays the life of Jesus.

     The afternoon was filled with the sights and sounds of Olvera Street. This street was the birthplace of Los Angeles and is filled with Mexican restaurants and shops of Mexican wares. There was an old Firehouse Museum with its horse-drawn pumper to look at as well as the Chinese-American Museum. Some of the group walked over to the Union train station with its 1930's Spanish architecture.

     If all of this was not enough, the group finished the evening at the Griffith Park Observatory. The "Hollywood Sign" could be seen on the side of the mountain. When the night's darkness descended, the lights of Hollywood shown magnificently from the top of the mountain.

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