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2012 HCCA National Convention

February 15 - 22, 2012

Van Nuys, California

(Special thanks to Bill Carpenter, Carol Hoagland,
Don Plumb and Marilyn Balduff
for recapping the Convention and sharing these photos.)


Cars, Car Memories & Great Race Thomas

     This morning the group split into two groups. First one group visited the Bothwell Ranch and the other group viewed the showroom at California Car Cover. Then the group visiting the Bothwell Ranch went to the California Car Cover showroom and the group visiting California Car Cover went to the Bothwell Ranch.

     Visiting the Bothwell Ranch is like stepping back in time. In the middle of luscious orange trees there are many vintage race cars, trolleys, horseless carriages, model trains and even a real train to ride. You could stand next to these cars and just imagine what if would have been like to drive them when they were new. It was a very special experience. Ann Bothwell very graciously allowed us to visit her ranch. The Horseless Carriage Club of America presented her with a plaque and a cymbidium orchid plant to thank her and her family for all of their years of service and help to our Club.

     California Car Cover in Chatsworth, California opened their showroom for the group to visit. They even served coffee and donuts to an appreciative audience. Here on display were not only car covers, but car clothes, car dusters, car figurines and all sorts of interesting car stuff to look at.

     Lunch was eaten at a local Chinese restaurant where the Regional Groups and Membership Meeting was held. Here the HCCA Regions presented their upcoming tours and answered questions about them.

     Back at the Hotel, we were treated to a great panel of members that have been in the Club for many years. They shared stories of the early days of the Club which were totally fascinating and sometimes very funny. We even heard stories from the wife's point of view.

     This evening was very special. It was the night of the New York to Paris Great Race Presentation. Jeff Mahl, the great-grandson of George Schuster, narrated the story of the Great Race in 1908. George Schuster was the driver of the winning car, the 1907 Thomas Flyer. The story of the Great Race along with all of the little details about this Race was totally fascinating. This night is one that will be remembered for many years.

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