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2012, Fifth Biennial Revival E-M-F Company Outing

July 22-27, 2012

Lancaster, PA

(Special thanks to Gil Fitzhugh
for sharing his photos and recapping the Tour)

     The fifth biennial revival E-M-F Company Outing occurred in Lancaster, PA from July 22-27, 2012. Twenty-one cars participated from nine states. Bob Bruce's 1905 2-cylinder Northern was the oldest car and the 1914 seven passenger 6-cylinder Studebaker owned by Manny and Sandy Rein was the newest. We also had fifteen E-M-Fs and four Flanders cars.

     Sunday was a day to gather and get reacquainted. Tour packets were issued and they included handmade red E-M-F pennants by Kathy Kemerer. The tour banners featured artwork by Bob Bruce showing the E-M-F related marques. There was a 34 mile covered bridge run for eager early birds. Several tourists made the run. Sunday evening we enjoyed a dessert social with baked goods made by Catherine and Jackie Fitzhugh.

     Monday was the longest tour day at 92 miles and the only day we drove outside Lancaster County. Coffee was at Lou Mandich's Last Chance Garage in Unionville, Chester County, PA. From there we continued to the Auburn Heights Preserve in Yorklyn, DE for a tour of the Marshall collection of Stanley cars and the restored mansion. The weather cooperated for a picnic style boxed lunch on the grounds. Those patient enough to wait for a Stanley to be fired up were treated to a ride through the countryside with Kelly Williams at the controls. The Strasburg Creamery served up Lancaster County ice cream on the way home. Monday evening we had a trailer tailgate swap. This was a lot of fun and some interesting items were exchanged.

     Tuesday offered a 64 mile ride through the northern part of the county. The coffee stop was the Roots Farmers Market, a huge weekly market that has all you could ever want in a farm market. Later we explored the Ephrata Cloister historic site where early German settlers sought religious freedom. Greco's ice cream across from the Wilbur Chocolate Factory in Lititz filled the daily ice cream needs. A stop at the Shaker Shoppe to see hand crafted furniture finished the run. The evening program was an hour long presentation by Campbell Fitzhugh about the covered bridges of the region. We learned many things including why the bridges were covered, how much they cost to build, and why the Columbia-Wrightsville bridge was burned.

     Wednesday's 53 mile ride featured Amish shops. Coffee and homemade donuts were enjoyed at the Petersheim Upholstery shop and the Nickel Mine Coach Shop owned by Chris Petersheim Sr. and Jr., respectively. Next stop was the Cattail Foundry operated by Emanuel King. Lunch was served to us by the family of Isaac Stoltzfus at his home and shop, the Spring Garden Repair machine shop. Additional stops included leather, quilt, coach, and furniture shops. The Lapp Valley Farm has the best ice cream of the county, according to the Fitzhughs, and other tourists may now agree. The quality of the cream from the Jersey cows is the key. Show and tell night included presentations from Bob Yates on miniature musical organs, Steve Dillon on early firearms, Ken Campbell's terrific E-M-F factory photo collection, a movie made by Gil Fitzhugh's father in 1968 featuring what is now Floyd Jaehnert's E-M-F, and several other interesting E-M-F related items.

     Thursday was the driver's day with 82 miles of twisting turning climbing descending creek fording and occasionally unpaved old car driving bliss. The morning stop was the Hans Herr House historic site where we enjoyed refreshments and docent led tours. A chicken barbeque with all the trimmings awaited us at the Robert Fulton Birthplace. Fishing Creek Road was the highlight of the drive with three creek fords on this three mile dirt road through a nature preserve. The Pine View Dairy filled the obligatory ice cream stop. Thursday evening we visited the private collection of Calvin High. The collection features several perfectly restored classics along with a Fisker and some finely crafted scale models.

     Friday was a 38 mile railroading day with a coffee stop at the National Toy Train Museum and then a shop tour of the Strasburg Railroad. Some tourists rode the steam train while others visited the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. The Oregon Dairy served to tide people over until the banquet. The winner of the coveted LeRoy sterling silver cup was announced after dinner. This year a photo contest was the forum and the submission by the Kemerers was judged best by unanimous decision, offering both photographic quality and a caption which would have met with LeRoy's approval.

     We are looking forward to the next E-M-F Company Outing and hope to have the location selected soon. Let Daryl and Kathy Kemerer know if you are ready to host!

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