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2023 BBC National Tour
Gettysburg Pennsylvania
May 14 -18, 2023

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Special thanks to Kevin Anthony Mueller, Pat Gamble & Tracy Lesher
for sharing photos and Pat Gamble for his recap of the tour

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20th Anniversary BBC Tour

Gettysburg PA

May 14 -18, 2023

     The week started off with participants from 17 States and Canada rolling in as early as Friday to get settled in for a fabulous 5 days of camaraderie and touring. We kicked off Sunday with a car show and swap meet open to the general public and drew many onlookers from the local area. Later that evening we held our welcome reception where Bob Bruce was honored by surprising him with his likeness on the official BBC 23 Tour Banner.

Our touring days were Monday thru Thursday.

Monday, 73 cars and 150 people were off and running on a 78 mile journey that included 2 different farms involved in the Civil War. One as a battlefield and the other a field hospital. We were given a presentation on Civil War Munitions by a renowned civil war reenactor. Our group also learned the importance of the farming community to aide in the war's efforts.

Tuesday's tour was titled "Fire & Grain" which took us to a combination Grist & Saw Mill built in 1797 and is still controlled, in part, by the 7th generation of the founding brothers. Coffee and pastries were served as always during our first stop of the day. When everyone's curiosities and bellies where satisfied, we were off to lunch in Hanover. Yes, we like to eat. After lunch, we toured the Hanover Fire Museum, housed in an original 1914 Fire Station that served the town. They have a wonderful display representing 200 plus years of fire fighting and service to the local town. After the tour day, a cruise night was held at TGIF followed by the gas light parade at 7:15. Our cars paraded approximately 5 miles around a private lake community with many residents out on their front lawns to show their appreciation and support.

Wednesday's stops found little correlation to each other. The day was titled "Nothing in Common but History". First stop on our 91 mile day took us in the woods for a glimpse of a Chapel built in 1857. The Chapel has no electricity nor indoor plumbing to this day. Music for the hymns is produced on a small foot treadle organ. Lunch was at Adam's County Winery. They operate the winery out of an original 1860's bank barn and the fields are planted with several varieties of grapes used to produce their signature wines. Our final destination was the Round Barn Farm market. Round barns where unique in this area of the country and this one was built in 1914.  Only a handful of round barns exist to this day throughout the USA. Around 7 o'clock that evening we celebrated the 20th BBC Tour Anniversary with an ice cream social, complete with the anniversay cake cutting. Great ice cream and conversation was had by all.

Thursday's 63 miles took us on some amazing back roads. We did some antiquing in Emmitsburg, Maryland while enjoying our coffee and pastries. Many of our tourists went home with that little something extra that they just had to have. The time went quickly and we were off to lunch at the brand new WWII Experience Museum just outside of Gettysburg. Frank Buck and his wife are lifetime avid collectors focusing on WWII vehicles. You may say, "like jeeps?" Yes, but also like Tanks, Combat Vehicles, Half Tracks and Heavy Equipment. The collection also has super displays of relics and uniforms as well as other clothing. After lunch, we visited the AACA National Spring Meet that opened that day. We were hosted by the Chairman and welcomed onto their show fields.

     After a great week of Touring with perfect weather, it was unfortunately time to say our goodbyes. A closing banquet was held at the Inn at Herr Ridge. Some special acknowledgments were made, thank yous and recognitions given. Great food and fun was had by all. The announcement was made to mark your calendars for BBC 24 that we will be returning to Gettysburg.