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HCCA 2023 National Convention & Tour
Visalia California

big pic here 
Special thanks to Marilyn Balduff & Tracy Lesher
for sharing photos and a recap from the tour
and to Nathan Stewart's passenger James Hart for sharing video highlights

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2023 HCCA National Tour & Convention

Exploring California in Brass


        In April of 2023 two hundred and fifty people and seventy five horseless carriages set out from Fresno, California to tour the rich farmlands of central California.  They experienced almost perfect touring conditions: paved one lane roads with no traffic or signals, beautiful green hills with orange California poppies and blue Lupin wild flowers and sunny skies with 60 degree weather.


        There was an awesome inventory of horseless carriages represented.  Cars with names like Renault, Pope-Hartford, Stoddard Dayton, Mitchell, REO, Model T Ford, Dodge, Pierce Arrow, Kissel, Hudson, Abbott-Detroit, Oakland, Premier, Fiat, EMF, Buick, Locomobile, Cadillac, Hupmobile, Studebaker, Chalmers-Detroit, Columbia, White, Overland, Rambler, Case and National.


        We toured for three days through this farming country of orchards of oranges, grapefruit, lemons, almonds, cherries and grape vines.  The touring ended with a banquet where rewards were given for the best newsletters and the new HCCA Board was introduced.