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2012 Bakersfield Tours & Swap Meet


2012 Bakersfield Tours & Swap Meet

April 12 - 14, 2012

(Special thanks to Rick Peterson for sharing his photos
and Marilyn Balduff, for recapping the Tours & Swap Meet)

     The day dawned bright and sunny with a high for the day in the mid seventies. It was perfect touring weather for old cars and touring is what they did. There were actually two tours, one that went about thirty miles and another that went longer.

     The tourers that went on the small car, 30 mile tour, left Beach Park and went to look at Kurtis automobiles. They saw Kurtis cars in restoration and some that were beautifully restored. The people that went on the big car tour drove to the small town of Caliente and from there drove through the very impressive military cemetery that is located there.

     That night was the annual auction of donated items to benefit a very worthy charity. This year the charity selected was the Mendiburu Magic Foundation. This charity helps the families with very sick children with such things as gas money to visit their child in the hospital, etc. This year the auction raised the most money ever for the featured charity. In addition to raising money from the auction, some very gracious benefactors contributed extra money to this very worthy group.

     The next day was the swap meet. Think rain!!! It rained most of the day turning the beautiful grassy swapping fields into fields of mud. The second day the rain let up some and it only rained part of the time. This allowed some swapping to be done. The swappers that remained said that business was actually good because the only people that were left were very serious buyers.

     The mens and ladies seminars on the last day were moved from the tent to one of the indoor exhibit halls at the fair grounds. Here Chuck Crane from Texas told of the history of mens and ladies hats at the ladies seminar. All About Stanley was the topic of the men's seminar. Loren Burch and several other speakers talked about the Stanley Steamer and the history of the Stanley Motor Car Company. Loren and Lorayne Burch were the honored members this year and their Stanley along with another was on display for all to see.

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