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2013 Horseless Carrige Club
National Bakersfield Swap Meet & Tour

April, 11-13 2013

Bakersfield, CA

(Special thanks to Marilyn Balduff and David Payton for sharing their photos)

(Special thanks to Marilyn Balduff for writing this recap of the Tour & Swap Meet)

     Bakersfield 2013 was a huge success and a welcome change from 2012. Last year we had rain and lots of mud. This year we had blue skies and temperatures in the mid 80's. All 425 Swap spaces were sold out and we could have used lots more. The 2013 featured marquee was the Pierce Arrow motorcar.

     The day before the swap meet we had two tours, one for large horsepower cars and the other for smaller cars. On the large car tour about twenty-two cars traveled to an ostrich farm and viewed over several hundred ostriches. These ostriches are used for meat and also for their feathers. These ostriches are not very smart and our old cars did not even scare or even move them. The cars that went on the small car tour traveled to a just completed, newly opened Nascar track

     The day of the swap meet, vendors and sellers were very busy quite early. There was a lot of very enthusiastic buying and selling in just a short time. The rest of the day settled into a more regular pace and even then a lot of items changed hands. Both antique cars and parts sold very well. We had a very large attendance with buyers coming from as far away as Australia and New Zealand.

     After a day of swapping, a banquet was provided at the Fairgrounds. Herb Singe and Gil Klecan provided the entertainment in the form of an auction of parts and stuff. The price paid for "stuff" was amazing and great because all of the proceeds of the auction went to a Bakersfield charity, the Mendiburu Magic Foundation. This group helps families that have very sick children with transportation and lodging for the families. These families can then go and visit their children in the hospitals.

     In the morning of the last day, we had seminars. First was the ladies seminar. Lots of antique jewelry was put on display in gorgeous wood and rolled glass cases for all to see. The owners of this jewelry told some very interesting stories about how they acquired their treasures and a little about them. One lady gave an informative talk about her garnet collection, the history of garnets and a little about their colors, shapes and when they were most in fashion. The men's seminar was held after the ladies seminar in the same room. A lot of the ladies stayed and listened to the men's seminar as well. Robin Onsoien, who was the honored guest of this year's Bakersfield event, gave a talk about his history with the old cars and a little bit about the Pierce Arrow motor cars.

     A great time was had and we want to thank Gil Klecan, Greg Rimmer, the H.C.C.A. and the Kern County Model "T" Ford Club for all of their hard work.