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July 7-12, 2013

(Special thanks to Carol Hoagland, Beverly Tomb, Louise Nunnink,
and Joan Fitzhugh for sharing their photos)

     Here are some highlights and pictures from last month's one-and two-cylinder tour in Hamilton, NY, hosted by Steve and Darlene Bono. There will be a much more extensive article, and more pictures, in the November-December Horseless Carriage Gazette.

     This was quite a large tour for a 1&2: 32 cars started, and at least 22 were still running at the end of the week.. Scenery was gorgeous, and we were exceptionally lucky with the weather. The prior two weeks had seen heavy rain; we got some of that, but mostly after the cars were tucked in for the night. There were a lot of hills, and a few serious hills, but most cars handled them well although some passengers got some exercise. Distances were quite long; officially we went 366 miles in 5-1/2 days, and some people managed to work in a few extra unplanned miles!

      We stayed in comfortable cabins at a lakeshore conference center that provided good breakfasts, an opening buffet, a barbecue one evening, and a banquet. Good restaurants were nearby in Hamilton, lunches were well handled, and no one suffered from ice cream withdrawal symptoms.

      There was a wide variety of destinations: private collections, a superb car museum, some restoration shops (including Steve's, of course, where several people made extra visits during the week), a builder of race cars, antique shops, an amazing doll museum, a winery, a cider mill, and my personal favorite --- a collection of classic small aircraft.

Gil Fitzhugh the elder