Officers, Board Members and Committees

National Officers

Don Plumb

Lake Oswego, Oregon USA

Keene Brewer

Yakima, Washington USA
Vice President

Mike Reid

Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada

Steve Cook

Hudson, Florida USA
Chairman of the Board

Andy Wallace

Branchville, New Jersey USA

Executive Board Members

Russell Holden

Mudgee, New South Wales Australia
Executive Board Member

Jan Kendrick

Bryant Pond, Maine USA
Executive Board Member

National Directors

Bob Ladd

Lebanon, Pennsylvania USA
National Director

Herb Singe

Hillside, New Jersey USA
National Director

Douglas Tomb

Falls Church, Virginia USA
National Director

Matthew Rising

Springfield, Virginia USA
National Director

Rob Williams

Boise, Idaho USA
National Director

George Dorris III

Ladue, Missouri USA
National Director

Chris Paulsen

Mc Pherson, Kansas USA
National Director

Jonathan Rising

Ocala, Florida USA
National Director

2020 Functional Groups and Committee Assignments

Activities  Jan Kendrick / Chairperson

National / International Tours  Jan Kendrick, Mike Reid, Chris Paulsen
Hershey Tent  Bob Ladd, Jerry Chase
2021 National Convention  Keene Brewer
Merchandising  Jan Kendrick

East: – Jon Rising, Matt Rising

West: Keene Brewer, Christine Brewer

Finance  Mike Reid / Chairperson

Ways and Means  Mike Reid, George Dorris III
Investment Committee  George Dorris III, Rob Williams

Governance  Russell Holden / Chairperson

By Laws/Director`s Handbook  Russell Holden, Steve Cook, Bob Ladd
Parliamentarian  Russell Holden
Insurance  Herb Singe, George Dorris
Office Oversight  Don Plumb, Keene Brewer, Mike Reid
2021 Board Nominations  Bob Ladd, Jan Kendrick, Chris Paulsen
Historian  Herb Singe
International Issues – Russell Holden, Mike Reid

Regional Groups and Registries  George Dorris / Chairperson

Memberbership Development  Mike Reid, Chris Paulsen, Matt Goist, Tracy Lesher
Regional Groups Publication  George Dorris, Jon Rising
Regional Groups Communications  George Dorris, Doug Tomb
Award Program  Andy Wallace, Jon Rising, Alex Huppe, Gil Klecan

Education  Matt Rising / Chairperson

Public Education  Matt Rising, Rob Williams, Jan Kendrick
HCEI Liason  Matt Rising
HC Foundation Library Liaison  Matt Rising

Strategic Planning  Bob Ladd / Chairperson

Steve Cook, Don Plumb, Keene Brewer

Communication – Doug Tomb / Chairperson

Horseless Carriage Gazette  Doug Tomb, Chris Paulsen, Bill Carpenter, Sharon Gooding, Michael Sullivan, Howard Hodson, Bruce Spainhower, Eadi Popick, Bill Ottemann, Anne Ottemann, Gil Fitzhugh (elder)
Publicity & Advertising  Doug Tomb, Herb Singe, Russell Holden
Internet/Website  Russell Holden, Steve Cook, Mike Reid, Doug Tomb


HCCA Board Associates
– They do not vote