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Terms Of Advertising

     Ads are accepted in good faith and are restricted to the exchange of vehicles, automotive parts and related automobilia and hobby related items made during or before 1942. Parts may be original, NOS or replacement reproductions of original parts. Prices in U.S. funds should be listed in the ad.    

     While every effort is made to insure accuracy, neither the HCCA board of directors, website committee, or webmaster may be held accountable for unclear or misleading statements in ads, accuracy, authenticity and quality of parts or vehicles advertised. Sale and financial transactions are the sole responsibility of the advertising seller and the buyer. The website committee and HCCA reserve the right to edit or reject ads based on appropriateness for the HCCA website and bylaws of the club. Ads will run for one month unless requested in writing by the seller to remove early if sold, or will be renewed by request.


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