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by Layden Butler

Connecticut one cylinder coilbox complete $175: 1912 Delco coilbox for 2 cylinder Maxwell Messenger, switch will work on Cadillac $265. Can send pics and Happy to answer questions.

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by Mike Kaltenecker

Kingston 4 ball brass carburetor, serial #148455, suitable for early T or other $175 Set of top prop hardware.  NOS steel nuts, ribbed, 1 1/4" diameter, 7/16 NC threads $125 Set of top prop hardware. NOS steel nuts, four (4)...

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by Mike Kaltenecker

Newly fabricated 4 speed transmission and differential for a dual chain drive application.  Aluminum housing, new gear set, ring gear and pinion.  Acquired with another project and do not have a use for it.  Contact me for additional details, dimensions,...

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by Yvonne Hermina-Biebel

Nice early car windshield assembly post mount on cowl   $750.00 plus shipping

  • Contact Info: 203 733 3092 shipping or pickup north west corner Connecticut

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by Stewart Laidlaw

Please take a look, I will be posting lots of good stuff, over the next few months. Call, or Email me for description and price..  Buy More Get a Better deal.   Ship, Priority Mail. Thanks Stu Laidlaw

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by Bob Harris

For Sale: Three large framed vintage lithographs in excellent condition, 1906 Kelsey, 1910 Locomobile and 1908 Lambert Roadster Please contact for pictures bhmintdax(at}gmail(dot)com. $150.00 + shipping

  • Contact Info: Bob

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by Steve Meixner

For Sale Warner swivel with SB95RH Warner on it. Cable housing is 82 3/4" OA. Identified as Warner. $200 for all. Call for pictures. Steve 701 212 5009

  • Contact Info: Steve 701 212 5009

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by George House

Off a 1910 two cylinder Maxwell. Might’ve been rebuilt by Marks Magneto. Been a long time ago. I forgot. $750 + freight. Please contact for pictures. gwhouse731(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Contact Info: gwhouse731(at)gmail(dot)com

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by Yvonne Hermina-Biebel

1921 couple chips on top — great color and gloss price includes express USPS insured shipping $ 725.00

  • Contact Info: 203 733 3092

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by Layden Butler

Nice large 12" Rushmore headlamp. Can send pictures, happy to answer questions, 48 state shipping $40.

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by Arnold Levin


  • Contact Info: Arnold Levin

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by Carl Leonard

A Beautiful Large ATWOOD CASTLE headlight fully restored. Measurement across door is 11 inches- good script on bonnet- Original Bosch & Lomb8 inch mirror - slight discoloring on edges of mirror but very nice. Correct original burner and Y pipe....

  • Contact Info: Rocktoy4x4 @ or call Carl at (970)231-9312 Loveland, CO.

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by Carl Leonard

A restored pair of Corcoran sidelights with beveled glass side windows. I believe these are appropriate for the large BUICK model #16 and 17. Also others. New convex glass in doors, jewel in back and new silver plating. Measurement across...

  • Contact Info: Rocktoy4x4 @ or call Carl at (970)231-9312 Loveland, CO.

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by Timothy Morsher

SOLD, THANKS !   I have a beautiful brass pressure oiler.    Usable for many early era brass autos of the first decade.  I could be wrong, but I believe it  came from an early buick, but could be used...

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by Stewart Laidlaw

Very nice, English made in London picnic basket. 27"wide X 16" deep X 9" high. Sold by Brook Brothers New York.  Hardware is Nickeled Brass. Leather interior is solid, not cleaned. Dividers easy to remove, to make a trunk. $450...

  • Contact Info: Stu Laidlaw,, 209/743/6622

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by Yvonne Hermina-Biebel

Mint original NOS sales brochure purchased 20 years ago from elderly NYC collector that went to New York auto shows and collected them from shows More photos tomorrow 100% real not reprint shipped from SC express mail insured inclusive in...

  • Contact Info: Cell # 203 733 3092

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by Yvonne Hermina-Biebel

Original dated mailing envelope from MFG — sales book is mint and very rare in this condition purchased 20 years ago from gentleman who lived in NYC and collected sales brochure from New York auto shows this offering is one...

  • Contact Info: Cell # 203 733 3092

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by Yvonne Hermina-Biebel

Few chips in field —more photos to be added tomorrow can package for shipping— sign ships from South Carolina— delivery or pick up in person is also possible very rare original  sign two sided will make great addition to anyone...

  • Contact Info: Cell#203 733 3092 located in north western Connecticut

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by Yvonne Hermina-Biebel

Excellent condition all original clean 4 cylinder coil box with key ( in bag in photo)   ad 75.00 for packing and shipping in USA  

  • Contact Info: cell #203 733 3092 north west corner Connecticut

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by Layden Butler

Believe to be a Gray & Davis carbide generator, 15" tall, unrestored with only minor denting on bottom. Can send pics and post worldwide.

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by Eric Edwards

original Ford brass rad good condition but not leaks $700 aftermarket early rad with cellular core and one piece top tanks had top tank crack that could be repaired $350 Double twist horn perfect $500 Rebuilt Fronty Head magnafluxed...

  • Contact Info: Brass Radiators horns and Fronty head

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by Greg Schneider

Good as found condition.  Made by Long MFG Company Chicago USA

  • Contact Info: Greg Schneider St Paul MN

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by Mike Silvera

Reasonable offers considered on any parts. 2 wheel lock rings, 27 inch & 28 inch, maybe Firestone, great cond. $200 ea. Winfield carb model M 201B with silencer box, 1 7/16 bore, 2 1/2 " bolt holes, $450.  I have...

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by Greg Martin

1914/15 Maxwell Engine & Transmission. 3-speed trans. Engine turns free, includes carburetor but missing magneto. $1000 Early 4-cylinder Buick engine (believe from a '14 B-24). Engine is missing jugs. $500 Partial frame (rear 1/2) from Model 10 Buick. $250.

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by Larry Munson

$1,000? 1903 Chapman project

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by D. Randall Blohm

Bosch Type ARN magneto s/n 107321 - $800 Bosch D6 2 spark dual magneto s/n 944595 - $2,000 Stewart No. 11 speedometer with bracket s/n D49800 $300. Stewart gear 72T 8P - $100 MEA BK6 magneto s/n 18543 - $700

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by Chris Paulsen

Brass radiator, circa 1910, possibly Moline - $475 1901-03 Curved Dash Olds radiator - $225 Pair 24" Hayes wire wheels - $475 Brass carbide generator- 12" tall, older repro. $775 Pair Brass Solar 956A headlights - $325 Can deliver to...

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by Russell Holden

Hi all I have some spare 1914 Caddy parts for sale: Heads tested $1,000 Heads not tested $500 Apparatus box $1,500 Inlet manifold $200 Starter generator armature (used good) $300 Cylinders $500 Upper & lower crankcase with cam and crank...

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by George Kaforski

For Sale, set of unfinished brass castings (6 pieces) for headlight forks. Was going to use on my 0ne cylinder Cadillac, but never got around to it. $140. plus $10 shipping. George Kaforski,, or 630-337-0790.

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by Layden Butler

Switches readily, good appearance, happy to answer any questions and send pictures. Can post worldwide. Asking $385 including domestic shipping.

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by Todd Manoff

All parts are in good condition, some still in REO red paint. Reverser Lever Assembly $250 (bronze mount, steel face plate & lever) Original Hub Cap Set of four $200 (all have some imperfections) Rod Link with pin $75 (nice...

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by Lucinda Gast

Replace your worn 1907-1912 ? Maxwell universals with new needle bearing universals. No alterations required. Use original locks. Just install, grease and forget. $100 Per unit + shipping.

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by Glenn Hamilton

Packard Model 30 engine parts from the Bob Erasquin Estate. Sold 'as is' but generally in very nice condition. More to follow. Upper L: Eight original brass lifter guides. Excellent condition, little wear observed. These match my 1909. Likely good...

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by Lucinda Gast

This original 1911/12 Packard horn is from Bob Erasquin's model 30/18 parts collection. He identified it as 1911/12, confirmed in above original Packard Motor Car Company photo from The Making of Modern Michigan Packard Collection. Rough but restorable, accompanied by...

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